Billy was neutered on October 26th and everything seemed fine up until yesterday.  He was lying on the floor and he looked funny and I noticed he was peeing in the house.  Billy is completely potty trained so I thought it was stranged and just hoped it wouldn't happen again.  Well today he walked into his crate (Not his main crate but his crate here at the office) and he peed in it.  Is this something normal after neutering?  Anybody else have accidents like this or should I be worried?  I called the vet and am awaiting a call back but it is really freaking me out.

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That's not really normal IMO. Maybe he has a UTI?

His trainer is saying it's normal, his hormones are going crazy and he is OVER marking territory....I never did hear back from his doctor.  If it happens again I will call her back.  He is acting as normal as HE can possibly act...

Well he isn't doing this at home so I am assuming it has something to do with the other dog here? This dog is gonna be the death of me.

Can you explain a bit more...? Is this a new place, a new second dog...?

No, it's at my office where he has come since he was first brought home in June.  The female dogs here he has known since day one.  He has NEVER had a problem until just recently AFTER his surgery.  When she goes into his crate he goes in afterwards and pees in it...

Hi Brooke, Billy still has a ways to go, he is still young and his organs are not matured yet, please read and re-read the FAQ on potty training. Good luck!

I just find it strange that it never happened until the neuter...


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