So I have woken up this morning to my little puppy is not feeling good- he wont eat treats or eat & is panting- he is not moving around- just still standing in the same spot- yesterday he was off his food???  How long should I wait before calling the vet???

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OMG...we are sooooo sorry!

The first vet, which is a very good vet seemed to think his heart was the problem, she did e-rays & put him on oxygen, the panting only started this morning apart from him not eatting so much yesterday... After oxygen he improved a bit...

They made arrangements at a emergency clinc just 7 minutes away & we drove him there- the second vet said it did not look like his heart & cancelled the specialist who was on her way...

He thought perhaps posioning- but we did not keep stuff like that around they decided it was not that after blood work the count should be about 1500 & he was at 2500...

He said it may have been vomit that went bad inside his lungs & they would treat him with antibiotics as if he had pnemonia...  We stopped off to eat when they rang maybe 30 minutes later so we turrned around & went & picked him up- he is in a special place under the pine trees that he used to love to explore...

Ohh, I am so sorry, there really are no words.  Poor thing.

oh carry I am so very very very sorry.

hugs your way


So sorry for yur loss.
So sorry you and your puppy had to go thru this. Our prayers are with you.
So sorry to hear of this .

Thanks everyone for all you kind thoughts & wishes- its been a horrible first 24hrs & I am trying to accept he is gone!!!

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you during this time.
I am so sorry....

I'am so sorry, that is so heartbreaking.. my thoughts and prayers go out to you..


So very sorry.  I had checked Mycorgi when I got home from work this evening because I was worried by your situation.  What a sad loss.  His picture is so sweet; know you miss him terribly.


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