well i've been talking to a breeder this past week and i finally found a pup! i'll attach pictures at the end of this post. i lucked out because he was the last one she had left from the litter and he was the only red/white pup in the litter too. she is willing to hold him until i am ready to take him home so i really lucked out with that too. now since time is closing in, i thought i'd start shopping for my puppy essentials now. here's my list so far, please let me know if i left anything out!

food (duh)



lots and lots of toys

brush and/or rake

doggy shampoo (what do you guys recommend?)

doggy bed


x-pen (luckily my friend said i could have hers for free!)

food/water bowl

treats (what do you guys recommend for training? i do NOT want to resort to using people food. i've heard some people will use turkey slices or peanut butter)

aaaand that's all i can think of right now. the puppy's ears are currently down (they were up but just recently fell because he's teething) the breeder assures me they'll pop back up buuuut i dunnooo! i just don't want a corgi with droopy ears! so i may need taping/gluing supplies, but we'll save that for another post if the time comes

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Treats - I like zukes mini naturals or those soft jerky ones wellness makes. You can break them up in to tiny pieces. There's nothing wrong with using a little bit of people food though. When you get to training in an environment with a lot of distractions you really need something that is super high value to them, and dog treats often don't cut it - at least in my experience.


Other things you might need:

bitter apple spray
chews (I order all mine from bestbullysticks.com, way cheaper)
Nature's miracle or other enzyme cleaner
lots of paper towels
clicker if you choose
doggie poo bags

If you need to tape his ears I'd just get a roll of wide masking tape. It's really pretty easy.


and congratulations! he is a cutie :)

Most important item is your training plan.  This is what will have most impact on your relationship with this animal.  Dog training books.  Do your reading, research and planning  NOW, so you'll have little time.

Puppy class.

I'd haunt garage sales or Craigslist for a hard crate (we like our Vari Kennel hard crates).

You won't need shampoo for awhile, don't need to bathe often, but maybe get an unscented dog shampoo.  I made the mistake of using human soap on a dog once, left fur too sticky to comb.

Afro-style steel comb, not an urgent item.  Eventually, you may need some kind of claw-trimming tool.

See FAQ for collars and claw trimming.

Fanny pack with pill bottle for treats.  

tennis balls, soccer ball (yard sales).

don't get distracted by gewgaws; focus on the relationship.

The dog shampoo that I like (after trying several different brands) is Fresh 'n Clean. I think you can find it at Petco, but I got mine from Amazon.  It smells great (though a bit strong while you're using it) and the scent lasts at least a full week.  I also use the conditioner that goes with it and Ellie's fur is so soft afterward.

As for training treats, both of mine are more than willing to work for green beans, carrot (cut into tiny pieces) or even bits of apple or blueberries.  You can use people food, just be sure to use stuff that isn't full of salt or tons of extra calories.  :)

One item I like to keep around is a slip lead.  They're useful if your pup's collar doesn't fit or after baths when you have his collar off.  Other than that, I'd say just be sure to have enzyme cleaner and poop bags around (as Jane has already suggested) because you'll definitely need them.  :)

Congratulations on finally finding your puppy!  Patience and persistence seem to have paid off!  :)

Connie emailed me this morning saying they have a puppy available.  But I'm not in my house yet, so I had to turn her down.  :(  I hated sending the email.  Good news is that seeing she is keeping in contact with me, I'll be able to go back to her when the time is absolutely right.  It was so hard to actuallly say (not in these words) "A cute corgi puppy? No, I think I'll pass today" That's what it felt like I was saying, though.

Aww, that's a tough thing to have to say.  :(  Hopefully you'll find the right addition to the family when you get moved and settled in!  I will admit, though, I was secretly hoping that someone on here would have another pup from Ellie's parents.  ;)  Oh well!

I double the Zuke's.  They're all natural, low fat, and my dogs LOVE them!

ok so what size crate am i looking for? i have an amazon gift card so i'm trying to get some of the bigger stuff online and they give the dimensions but i have no idea if that's big enough. all i can think about is if i order the wrong size what a pain it will be to ship it back and return it. i may just get that at a pet store because it's easier..

also, i've been looking at kong toys. what size do i get? this whole corgis being a big dog in a small package throws me off sometimes. do i get the large one, or the medium one?

do you have any other favorite toys or brushes/rakes (besides the furminator) that you would recommend?

I personally would get one that is at least 30" long if you want to use it comfortably when he's an adult. Mine both have 36" crates and I think they like the extra room. Walmart actually has some decent ones.

Kong squeaky tennis balls and fleece braided ropes are very popular with my two. Honestly I'm not sure what size our kongs are...I think the smallest one we have is a medium but I'm not 100% sure.


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