Has anyone heard anything or any updates on the poor little puppy that was put in the freezer. It looks like the discussion link was shut down. I sure hope he is ok, have been thinking about him, just want to hold him and keep him warm after what he has been thru. does anyone know how long he was in there for.

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Sorry, I haven't heard anything more. I was still hoping it was a mean joke someone was playing on us.

I haven't heard anything. My guess is the person didn't like hearing the truth and so they won't come back and update. I hope they at least realized how irresponsible they were being and got that poor puppy vet care.

I agree with you Jane.  if for some reason the story isn't true, I'm guessing we wont get an update as well either.  I sure hope it was a false story and not a true one, that is just awful, if its true!!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if she took offense at some of the responses, which might have sounded hard and judgmental to a newcomer who's just gone through an emotional experience, especially if puppy was seriously  injured or worse.  Think how traumatic that would be. We lost a dog once, a tragic honest mistake that might look negligent in retrospect.

The bit about letting a toddler toss a puppy into the air seems a stretch, but maybe it wasn't as acrobatic and dangerous as it might sound. 

But it's easy to underestimate the idiotic things a child can do <grimace at awkward memories>.  A St. Bernard, on autopsy after killing a toddler, was found to have a popsicle stick fully inserted down its ear. 

One must be careful with email.  It's notoriously easy to make one'sself misunderstood in such a narrow bandwidth.

I hope Ronnie gives us an update.  We should welcome her.

I understand accidents happen, but the pure neglect of watching the puppy being thrown in the air, a bit suspicious in my eyes. 

I don't think it is a bad joke, just by how the lady was talking. I wonder how old she is. Because this is very disturbing to me, especially how she was talking about the little girl tossing the puppy in the air and flipping it like it was nothing. Like thats been going on for awhile. And you don't leave such a young puppy unattended at any time, by no means at all. I just don't get it. This person really sounds like they need to be educated on animal care. 

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around what age a child would need to be for an adult to think it's appropriate for them to be tossing a puppy into the air...and yet wouldn't know any better than to put a living, breathing creature in the freezer. I just don't get it.

Me too. Remember the post when someone mentioned that a breeder wouldnt sell to someone with little kids? This was a perfect example of why! And that makes me so mad because I work so hard teaching my kids how to be gentle with pets, then a story like this comes along! After this, I would hesitate to give a puppy to a young family too, and I know how good children CAN be with puppies.
I do wish we would receive an update on the puppy. :(

I hope that the original poster is able to objectively take in the responses she got.  I know that many of them seemed harsh, but hopefully after the bruises to the ego lessen a little, she will make the right choices to change how this puppy is incorporated into her family's life to ensure a good quality of life for the puppy.  I can only pray that she gives the situation the proper consideration that poor puppy deserves and does what is right before it's too late and further harm comes to him, whether it's changes to how the puppy is allowed to be treated/interacted with, or whether it's finding another home for the puppy. 

Do a Google image search for 'corgi puppy step'. You will find Ronnie Sorenson's corgi's picture, which is from corgiaddict.com and also on sugarhut.com. It was a cruel joke that someone played on CorgiNation... SHAME ON YOU!!!! >:/

-Oh, and the fact that this person never once replied to any comments/concerns shows they just wanted to get us all worked up over the cruel behavior/lack of responsibility this 'dog owner' had. People are just mean sometimes...

You are right, the profile pic was posted originally on June 9th, 2011 on another site.   Since the pup in the picture looks about 8 weeks old, and that was posted 6 months ago, that would make the puppy from the picture 8 months old and too large to be easily put in a freezer by a child.

There is a small chance that the poster didn't have a picture and cared enough about having a profile pic that she "borrowed" a Corgi picture off the internet.  However, that seems unlikely. 

If it's a joke, my hat is off to the joker!  I was totally taken in, to the point of sending reassuring a message (too much time on my hands?).   Dang, I wish I'd thought of that myself.  My only critique: in my professional judgement, you're s'pozed to post stuff like that on April 1.

The really funny thing is, it's believable -- like drying out a teacup poodle in a microwave, or disemboweling a puppy with a vacuum cleaner, or the stoned babysitter who was supposed to bathe the baby and put the turkey in the oven... and I do believe the thing about the popsicle stick in a St. Bernard's ear is, tragically, true.

It's a strong candidate for the 2011 Annual MyCorgi.com  Practical Joke Award.  I have my heart set on winning in 2012.  You are forewarned.   :-)


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