Has anyone heard anything or any updates on the poor little puppy that was put in the freezer. It looks like the discussion link was shut down. I sure hope he is ok, have been thinking about him, just want to hold him and keep him warm after what he has been thru. does anyone know how long he was in there for.

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Ok, so if this is a joke, it was a very cruel and disturbing joke. What is wrong with people in this world these days. There is enough heartache and bad news everywhere, let alone pick on our beloved dogs and animals that bring us the love and joy that we need in this harsh world. We don't need anymore sorrow or bad stories. There is enough of it already, just turn on the news, or read about all the puppy mills. Those are no jokes, they are for real.

I agree!

Hey, let's lighten up.  If it was a joke, we fell for it hook, line, and sinker, so let's enjoy the chuckle at our expense, congratulate the jokester, and be glad it wasn't a real puppy killed in a macabre tragicomic accident.

We were all teenagers once, and we've all played worse jokes, right?  <wincing at regrettable memories, ew.>

Don't try this at home, kids...

see, your saying if it was a joke-- we don' t know for sure that it was a joke, do we. If it is ,someone please come out and say so. When most of us hear about a corgi being harmed we don't take to lightly to this information. In our minds we worry and wonder thru out the day about these poor animals if they are ok. This gos for all our friends on hear that have corgis ( or any animal) that are truthfully sick or goin thru treatments of some nature. Sorry john this one just really got to me. Being a mother we tend to be very nuturing, caring and loving. Its just hard to hear things like this.  But your jokes i can handle, you are funny.                     

Well, the thing is the profile picture was taken from another website.   You don't need a profile picture to post here.   If someone joined in a panic and posted about a crisis, would they take the time to go online and borrow a picture of someone else's Corgi as a profile picture?   

I mean, it is possible .   Just seems unlikely.  

Better to reply with honesty and an open heart only to be fooled than to be jaded and not help someone in need that is reaching out for help.

So true!!!

I would be relieved if it were only a joke, because the thought of a puppy in a freezer makes me sad, and angry. And the thought of how little the life of the puppy was regarded makes me angry.  And, if it is a joke (cruel joke), it would be nice if she would let us off the hook.  But what pleasure could someone get from that?  A psycopath I guess?   But the fact that the poster actually closed the comments, and didn't respond (to further egg us on), makes me lean towards the it's-not-a-joke side, and really makes me worry that if it did happen, that she is not open to seeing how serious of a situation it is.   *sigh*

I don't know if the poster closed this discussion, was asked to or the admin(thanks for all you do) may have done it. I won't even start to say what I think of this person other that where was  the poster when this was happening to the pup??? Sounds very unworthy to have a pup and or a child. If true I do hope the pup is alive and that they gave it back to where they got it from as this really is animal cruelty and they should be turned in:( 

I am leaning towards it NOT being a joke... that she sincerely meant to ask for help for her puppy (which is commendable!).  I observed that she had only joined a few days earlier - so she is a newcomer.  She asked for next steps to help her puppy and warmed the pup up (doing her best), not for our opinion on her parenting of her child or her puppy for that matter.  It can be a touchy area for many women as mothers or puppy mothers.  My personal stance is that unless you have a developed relationship with the person or the person has asked for your opinion, I keep unsolicited opinions/judgments in this arena to myself.


What are the consequences here?  Because this forum as a whole has voiced our judgment...with the possibility that the puppy is alive.  She may not ever come back and ask for help for the puppy because receiving help might mean enduring criticism or (harsh true/tough love as some may call it)... which means the puppy won't be helped.  Personally, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of 20+ people giving me truth about something I know was horrible/foolish in hindsight when I am worrying about the puppy dying.  I know we all care about the puppy... but I hope the owner is okay too.  

Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket. - Proverbs 25:11

It wasn't just about putting the pup in the freezer, though. It was a combination of her thinking it's fine to leave her young child unsupervised with the pup, about letting that child THROW the pup in the air and dismissing it as fine because her daughter had "good hand-eye coordination (?!)", and then saying a vet visit wasn't an option because of money problems.

If it were a simple one-time accident where she looked away for two minutes and the kid put the pup in the freezer, then I doubt many people (including myself) would have questioned her parenting and petcare methods. But when you look at the situation in its entirety, it was incredibly worrying for the safety of both child and puppy. It just seemed unlikely that the pup would be mistreated just this once.

Anyway, I hope it was a joke. I pray it was, because then that would mean that none of that actually happened/is happening, and that makes me breathe a sigh of relief.

I followed the photo on tumlber and lo and behold, this is the corgi that was babe the blue ox on halloween!!!!! Mycorgi.com name of Sammy....I think if this post is real, this person is really really hiding....but I am thinking it is a hoax


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