Has anyone heard anything or any updates on the poor little puppy that was put in the freezer. It looks like the discussion link was shut down. I sure hope he is ok, have been thinking about him, just want to hold him and keep him warm after what he has been thru. does anyone know how long he was in there for.

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WOW John I really respect all you have done for this site but I am very disapointed in what you have written. Take that as you will.

???  Did I miss something somewhere?  I'm usually good at seeing different sides of a discussion and alternate points of view, but I'm stumped here.  Nicola, can you be more specific about what disappoints you in the posts above?  (Not trying to stir anything up, just honestly confused...)

Maybe read the original Puppy in the freezer post. I think that's where you will read more.

i just saw the original, the discussion forum returned and that Ronnie had made a comment. Weather it be real or a hoax, i just hope the puppy is in good hands.

I hope I didn't make myself misunderstood.  Two possibilities, and I can't decide:

A.  It's for real, and Ronnie can maybe use some compassionate advice.

B.  It's some teenager's idea of a joke, in which case we wince and laugh -- even if it's in questionable taste, many of us having been teenagers.

Sorry if I wrote something thtoopid;  I spend too much time with my dogs.

ha ha, me to, can't get enough of my dogs. I don't kow what to make of it anymore. the discussion forum was reopened on the orginal with a response from her, don't know if you saw it. still questionable.


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