Billy is ALWAYS biting legs, I know he is a hearding dog but is this okay puppy play? Should I correct it somehow?  I don't want him to do this to the wrong dog. 

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biting in human legs or dogs? he getting at the end of your heel esp. when you walk he'll chase after you but he's right behind you? Yes, def. correct it. When Juno tried to herd me..he actually ripped hole in a few pair of Pj's so everytime i knew he was coming close as i'm walking i gave him a firm "ah ah!" and he learned. He still does it some time...he really wants to get my jeans or pants bcuz it's wavy but it's not as bad or often.

Oh he used to, I used to not be "allowed" to wear my robe around him, I have corrected that 99.9%...he has his rare moments though of course.  I'm talking about with other puppies, like I said i have pretty much completly corrected the human feet.

The joys of dogs with herding instincts haha. It's normal and you just need to keep correcting it. Lemmy grabs onto Pilots legs and poor Pilot puts up with it for some reason. I Tell Lemm "No bite!" then I taken him by the collar and take him away from Pilot and I wait for him to calm down before I let him go.

Ok, I havent been correcting because I know puppies do play rough.  I have my work cut out for me then because he CONSTANTLY does it with dogs that will let him anyway.

Ya, they sure do! The problem with letting him do that is if he's doing it and the other dog is getting annoyed, you wont be able to call him off and a fight could break out. The joys of puppy hood :)

Maybe I should record how they play because I am very confused on playing because they are both always biting eachother when they play, what am I supposed to correct?

Correct going for the legs.Mouthing is normal; opening the mouth but not closing it on the other dog. It's hard for me to explain...
this will help hopefully.


If the other dog seems annoyed then I would correct it. If they are just rough housing I personally would just let them be.

You just threw a wrench in it hahaha!  Oh the confusion of puppy training


my corgi does this also (13weeks) I just say "Stop" or "No bite"..I do this also when I play with him. I believe he understands by doing 2 things. After I say "NO bite" he will either lick my hand or leg instead (which then I say "good boy" for encouragement) or he will try to bite again but this time he wont clamp down and its a soft bite/brushing his mouth with my hand or leg.

Yeah Billy understand it and does the same thing, I call it "good kisses" he knows kisses are good bite is bad.


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