Pepper is almost 6 months old. I have always fed her Eukanuba Puppy food. For the past 3 days she has refused to eat it unless I put something on it like peanut butter, raw egg or yogurt. SHe will eat what I put ON the food, just not the food. Should I switch her food?




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try natures recipe blue buffalo or nutro. Maybe she feels shes not getting enough out of her food.
Maya does this every once in a while. We feed them Beneful dog food and switch flavors every once in a while (we live in the boonies and if we don't pick up a flavor in town, the local store only has original). I think she is just being a picky diva and wanting a new flavor, but I leave her food down for 20 min and then she's stuck until dinner. If she's hungry, she'll stop being picky by then and will eat it. If you add to it because Pepper wants something extra, it may just be adding to a picky-eater problem. Every once in a while I do this for a special dinner treat, but unless my pups are showing signs of something other than "I want something else, waiter!", it's 20 minutes and then SOL until next meal. I'm sure everything is fine; just see if doing something like this helps. If Pepper doesn't eat after a few meals, maybe it would help to switch the food. :-)

These two replies so far are awesome ideas. I do not recall who said this before on the website but it was around these lines. "I have never heard of a Corgi choosing to starve itself." Pretty much regardless of how picky your pup may be, she will eventually eat what you give her. 

But you sound like me, you are constantly making sure your little pup is alright. I myself am nit picking what my dog does and wonder if I am teaching him bad habits. 

I wouldn't keep adding things to her food. She is learning that if she holds out, you might give her something better. I'd put a little warm water in the kibble to get the smell going, and if she doesn't eat it in 20 minutes pick it back up.

Sheldon was on the Prescription Hill Healthy advantage for puppy for about 3 month. Last week he refuse to eat the food except if we hand feed him. Since hand feeding is not an option I decided to switch his food for Medical Royal canine puppy and he LOVE'S IT !!!! Also the freshness of the food plays a big part in the puppy liking it or not ! I think switching or getting a fresh bag could help , dont forget to do a transition to avoid gastro-intestinal problem like muchy poop ! If the eating doesn't start again  get her check out at the vet :) Best of luck ^^

My dogs love there food but I put fish oil on there food because it's amazing for there coat and heart. You could do that but otherwise I wouldn't add anything. If your puppy get hungry enough she will eat! And to notcie if your dog isnt getting enough nutrition from there food they will still eat there food but do things like... Eat grass or weeds to get the nutrition from those things.

Hi I had a Rottweiler who stopped eating her food,turned out she was teething and the food was too hard for her to chew, so you could try adding some water and let it soak in before feeding,also we did change her food for awhile to  smaller puppy kibble.  If those don't work you could ask your vet I'm sure they would be able to help.....Jeanne   good luck :)

Bogart was a little picky with his food when we first brought him home, at 6 months. We did lots of research on dog food, and checked the ingredients lists for chemical preservatives and additives. We finally picked Orijens, made in Canada, which has no grain (which is just filler) and all natural ingredients. He LOVES it, and finishes his bowl every meal. I do put a little warm water on it but not always, sometimes just cold water.


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