Hi There. I am looking for tips, advice stories etc on what you do with your corgi to get them to stop biting during their notorious puppy teething phase. Or do you do anything at all? Everyone seems to have different opinions and methods.. Id love to hear what you think or works best : )

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When Søren was small, a loud "Ow!" and depriving him of attention for a few seconds worked well. The other important thing was not to run out of amazing chewy things. Søren likes bully sticks.
Always give them something they are allowed to chew on if they are biting you. Susan's "Ow!!" is good then immediately give the awesome chewy thing to him. Always make sure he has safe chewing things to chew on. They are going to chew and chew and chew and chew. Good luck.
When Henry was a puppy he would get even MORE excited and mouthy if you yelped at him. What worked for us was to stop playing, hand him a toy/chewy and turn our backs and ignore him for a while. If he was really worked up he got a 5 minute time out in his crate.

With our cardi puppy Luke, he responds really well to the loud yelp. He's actually very good about his teeth except when you're holding him like a baby...then he wants to chew on your nose or chin! haha

I really think it depends on the dog, try out a few of the suggested methods and see what works the best for you.
Yah Bootsie goes for the nose all the time.
Quixote seems to go for everything on me! She loves the nose, trying to eat and pull on my hair, and my ankles & wrists. She bites at my ankles a lot when I get up to walk somewhere, i think she might be trying to herd me?? lol Ive tried the yelp, it excites her more. If i put her in time out she cries and cries and cries, and i feel so bad I have to let her out....not very good on my part yikes. My fiance has tried holding her down by chest area lightly, but i dont know if thats good for puppies.. it seems to work for him though, he hardly ever gets bit. The new thing im trying is a water bottle. She doesnt like the sound of it, so if she goes to biting on me i squeeze the water bottle to make that crackle sound she doesnt like. She seems to stop for a while when i do that, or bark at the water bottle for a while haha. Quixote is a rambunctious little puppy! I dont really mind the biting too much because I love puppies so much and know its natural in this stage, and have had so many animals over the years. However, i do worry it will turn into a behavioral or aggressive issue if I dont do something about it
Spraying furniture, rugs, etc. with Bitter Apple helped a lot. When Rafa chews on my hands or feet I firmly say "NO" and substitute a chew toy. He is really learning what's OK to bite and what isn't.
You can check the FAQ because this is a common problem. Sparty was nicknamed "Jaws" as a pup. When he used his teeth we screeched a loud, high pitched, very dramatic yelp. If he did it again he got a time out in the kitchen for about 5-10 minutes. It took persistence but he quit and as an adult never uses his teeth on us while playing. My other corgis were not nippy at all so they are not all that way.
For teething, we got one of the chew toys that you can freeze (they have teething sticks and rings). Tegan loved it, and I think it made her teething a little more comfortable. She wasn't overly nippy, and few hurt-sounding "ows!" got the point across. Good luck!!!
We used the very loud high pitched OW and it has always made the puppy stop and look, with a quizzical sort of expression. And even now at 4 and 2 and 9 monhts, they get some sort of thing to chew on every night at 8:30. It's the signal to settle down and they are happy to quiet down and chew. I think giving them something that's OK to chew is very helpful.

Someone told me once that they'll chew at least until 2 years....


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