Hi everyone! I was hoping someone could give me insight about an minor "issue" with Piper. We brought her home on March 2nd when she was a day shy of 11 weeks old. When we got her home, there were moments when she would trot around the living room and whine. It was only for a couple minutes, then she would stop and act playful again. I've read that it takes puppies a week or so to get used to their new home. I've noticed that she's still doing this, mostly in the morning. I will take her out for a walk, bring her home, feed her, and then she might whine a little. Piper is usually holding a particular toy in her mouth when she's doing this (green loofa dog toy that we got her when we brought her home). I do live with my boyfriend, who is a pilot so he's often gone and I'm home with her. Could it be that she's looking for him? Or could she just be taking a little longer to acclimate to her new home still? It makes me feel like a bad mama that she still gets whiny. Any insight would be great!

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I've had my rescue pup for 3 weeks and he still will occassionally walk around the house and whine. I think they just have moments of insecurity. It may also be that she is trying to find her littermates for a game and maybe if you play with her it will make her stop whining? Just a thought. Usually if I just reassure Kirby he will stop whining.

She's probably just adjusting. Be careful to not unintentionally reward the behavior with attention, or you'll get more of it.  If she whines, go about your business and give her some attention or play, or a walk, a few minutes after she has stopped.

Milo is coming on a year and still does some whining. When I brought him home at 7 months he did it slightly more often. I notice he does it when he really doesn't know what to do with himself and looking for some attention. It never lasts and has lessened over time. I wouldn't worry.

she could be missing him.


Angie sometimes whines when i get done taking her for a walk.I think it may be because she wants to go outside.i feel bad because i want to take her out but we have been getting a lot of rain in puyallup.


mabye corgis just do it to do it LOL:)

Henry used to run around holding a particular toy and whine, I think he was trying to find a good hiding spot for it lol.

Yeah I noticed this with my Ella too.  She would be playing with a toy and then whine.  I thought maybe she hurt her mouth on it or something.  She will sit in front of me at times and just stare.  Then she will whine a little.  I have come to realize it is because she wants me to play ball with her.  I started this game with her that she just loves!  I throw the tennis ball down the hallway and she runs full out after it and brings it back and drops it for me to throw again.  She will also go sit by the front door and whine.  Sometimes she has to go out and sometimes she's faking it just to get outside!   I've had her here for about 5 months now so I'm beginning to see her patterns better so I can figure out when she's telling me the truth and when she's not, lol.  They are truly smart!!

Baron used to walk around and do a real high pitched wine when he had a bully stick in his mouth.  My husband said he was feeling sorry for the pig.

You need another Corgi !! you can never have too many Corgi's.  More fun, fur, and laughs.  They are basically the same just go about being funny in their own way.

Hey, I just brought my pup now 13 week old pup home 2 weeks ago too.

He whines normally when we come from outside after an hour of play and I tell him to take a nap.  He rolls around in his crate and then whines for 5 or so minutes every morning.  

In the evenings, he whines longer when he knows we are going to bed.  I don't keep my puppy in my bedroom so I guess he senses that he'll be alone in the evenings.  I usually stay with him for 5 to 10 minutes and then slowly leave.  He'll whine for 10 to 15 minutes and then settle down for the rest of the night.  

When he does whine, I ignore it because I know he relieved himself and that he is fed.  As I've read all over the internet, I don't open the crate when he whines.

I hope I'm doing the right thing!

Hope my experience helps.

My puppy(whos 4.5 months) does this mainly in the morning. He likes to rise and wake at about 730, so about then i let him out of his crate to stretch his legs, and ill go snooze for about another hour, he will eliminate in his potty area, then almost always pace around and whine and cry. I think most corgis eventually grow out of this. he also jumps on my bed and tried to walk on my face and do annoying things to wake me up, i think its just them desperate for attention. my guess is that while still with their corgi family, it was easy when waking up to find one of their liter mates to play with, so mornings may be a time in which they feel lost, and insecure. most times ill pet him a little and if he keeps carrying on ill ignore him. its prob something happening at that moment is making your pup feel insecure or nervous, which corgi puppies are horrible at handling those sorts of emotions.


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