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   so my husband is deployed in the navy, and comes home this saturday. we are getting our puppy either tomorrow or thursday. my question is should i bring him with us to pick my husband up? we will potentially be at the pier waiting for them to get let off the boat for 6+ hours. should i be leaving our new puppy in his crate at home for that time? or bring him and the crate with us? we are going to be spending the majority of the time sitting in my vehicle, and then when my husband is about to walk off the boat, go to the pier itself. that process will take about 30-40 minutes (its an aircraft carrier so there are quite a few people) i just dont want him to have an accident in his crate while we are gone, and come home to introduce puppy to my husband and him be covered in feces or urine. but am also unsure of weather or not its ok to take a brand new puppy with us. any light on the subject would really help!!!!

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If I were in your situation, I would take the pup with me since you'll be able to be with the pup for the majority of the time.  I would leave him in his crate when you are actually at the carrier, though, since there will be sooo many people and everyone will want to pet him...might overwhelm him.  You can take him for potty breaks during the long waiting hours, perhaps find a quiet area away from crowds and other dogs and such.

Congratulations on getting your husband back home!  Thank him for his service from me, an old Navy vet.  It will be wonderful having him back home for the holidays!

I was in the Navy and on an aircraft carrier. It's a long process, and extremely loud and noisy. It will also be hard to find a quiet place for him to go potty. I would reccomend leaving him with a friend or neighbor? Or,and I know it would be hard, don't pick him up from breeder until Monday. It might be stressfully to move the puppy to a new home, then have your husband come home with all the bags and excitement. Congrats on your new puppy! And I'm sure everything will work out either way!

Oh!  I wasn't paying attention..I didn't pick up on the pup still being at the breeder.  Mal is absolutely right....pick up the puppy after your husband is home.  It would be a nice thing to do together!  Much better than having the pup in the middle of all the hubbub.

actually the breeder is delivering the puppy to us. so i cant really hold off on picking him up. other wise that would be ideal. i think im just going to have to bring him with us, and leave him in the crate in my truck while we go and actually find my husband in the crowd. i am tying a big pink balloon to our stroller to make identifying us easier on him =) and thank you for the thanks to my husband. im in the navy too, but i am getting out in a year =) its been a LOOONG 8 months!

I guess, ideally, you could find someone to let the pup out or puppy sit for you while you pick up hubby.  He will be overwhelmed just seeing you for the first time in so long. Let it be special. I would want to spread the good things out.  Having a clean puppy to greet at home would be a wonderful treat. 

 will have to ask my friend. we have lost most of our friends in the area due to transfers and getting out of the military, and not too many civilian friends =) hahahaha gonna work on that one!


Mal's idea of leaving him with a neighbor is a good idea, but if you don't have any friends/neighbors that are trustworthy then you'll have to bring him along.  I'm not sure how it'll be at the pier, but if there aren't any grassy areas then you could bring a puppy pad or an old rag (shirt, towel, etc.).  Then you can just throw the pad or rag in the garbage before you leave for home.  Definitely try to keep the pup in a quiet place if you can and don't hesitate to have him on your lap while you're waiting.  :)  It'll be a good chance to get to know each other.  And once your husband is off the ship then the puppy can always ride on his lap on the way home.  ;)

Congratulations on the new puppy and the return of your husband!

that actually sounds like a great idea!!! i didnt even think of a puppy pad. its all concrete there, and i totally forgot dogs prefer to go on something thats softer on their feet! (this is why i ask you guys for advice!)  this pup has been a "dream" of my husbands for several years now. i have trustworthy friends, but none that will take the risk of an accident on their carpet. i have limited options at this point. im just checking to see if its an ok idea to take him with us. we have been waiting on this lil guy since he was born....its crazy that its all happening! luckily he gets here a day or so before my husband, so he can get used to being in a new place first. i have been reading ceasers puppy book, and know i have to curb my over zealous excitment so to not freak out the puppy =)


Hi Candice! First of all, thank you to both you and your husband for your service, and your sacrifices.  Congrats on the new puppy!  I know it is probably cooler where you are than where I am (Florida), but because I am in Florida, I would be somewhat concerned if you have to leave the dog in the vehicle unattended.  Even in cooler weather, it is possible for tempuratures inside the vehicle to rise quickly to dangerously high levels, especially in direct sun, and it is dangerous to leave animals in such an environment, even with the windows cracked.  I get very nervous & anxious when I see dogs left in vehicles, and I have been known to call the police in such a situation--not that I want anyone to get in trouble, but I want the dog out of a dangerous situation.  I believe around here, it is against most city/local ordinances to leave an animal unattended in a vehicle.  Are you close enough to the pier that you could maybe not have to wait at the pier so long?  (Close enough that if you have someone that can let you know when the ship comes in, and then you could make your way to the pier? )

Candice, Sandy makes a really good point.  It's been a while since I've been at a Navy pier....leaving the pup in the car would be too risky, I think.  You can't leave the windows all completely open since someone might steal the pup, perhaps (I'd like to think not, but you never know).

If there's not a neighbor that can come and let the pup out to piddle a couple times while you're gone, what about putting him somewhere in your home with his crate (so he can feel secure) inside of a larger exercise pen or a bathroom or large tub?  Have a piddle pad there for him (outside of his crate) so that he can go piddle which he surely will have to, being such a little pup.  Have a radio on low so he has some sounds around him.  Leave an article of clothing you've worn so he can be comforted by your scent.  Since he'll be so new, perhaps that's the best's alot for a little pup to absorb, let alone being down at the pier and all. 

Hopefully, you have a neighbor/friend you can trust to let him out a couple times.

I'd set up an x-pen with some newspapers and his crate attached, and leave him home, if you can't work out a later drop-off from the breeder.

I would wait if the puppy is less then 5 months just because it has not had all its shots...


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