question about new puppy and if i should take him with me...


   so my husband is deployed in the navy, and comes home this saturday. we are getting our puppy either tomorrow or thursday. my question is should i bring him with us to pick my husband up? we will potentially be at the pier waiting for them to get let off the boat for 6+ hours. should i be leaving our new puppy in his crate at home for that time? or bring him and the crate with us? we are going to be spending the majority of the time sitting in my vehicle, and then when my husband is about to walk off the boat, go to the pier itself. that process will take about 30-40 minutes (its an aircraft carrier so there are quite a few people) i just dont want him to have an accident in his crate while we are gone, and come home to introduce puppy to my husband and him be covered in feces or urine. but am also unsure of weather or not its ok to take a brand new puppy with us. any light on the subject would really help!!!!

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Happy family reunion!

Enjoy the reunion...what a wonderful Christmas gift on so many levels!!!!


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