Is anyone else failing to get their email notices from this site? Up until a few days ago, I always got notifications regarding discussions I was participating in, but suddenly I'm not getting any. I haven't changed any settings on my profile or on my email. I checked the settings and it still reads that emails should be sent. I also checked my SPAM folder to see if they were suddenly being directed there and that's not where they are going. Wondered if anyone else is having this same issue?

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I switched to Chrome from IE and BAM!! all the missing emails showed up in my in box. Thanks for the tip Sam.

Wow, I switched to Chrome and it solved the problem for everyone. weird.

I just got 48 mycorgi emails all at once from the last few days! :)

Yikes, they ALL just came through. Be careful what you wish for!!!!

Same experience as Chris ( I use Firefox) then this evening  60 e-mails....yikes!!!!

Yeah, I came home to 118 emails! LOL It's working now!


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