I have started to feed Keke raw chicken (wings and breast) yesterday.  But I have a somehow stupid qtn coz I did not see a answer anywhere on the web :(


If I give her a big chicken leg on the flr, will she use her paws to help eating?  How do I clean her paws after that?

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Sorry don't know but there are several people on here that feed raw! There might be an old discussion on here also but I'm not sure if this was asked or not! Keep us updated on how she does. I want to do this just don't have time to start right now!
I feed her the chicken leg by holding it out to her. At some point she lifted up her paw as if to hold it down. I wipes her mouth with a baby wipe after she was done but not sure about the paws.
I think I would just wipe her paws after her mouth! Not sure but at least you'd be getting the extras off. I'm sure someone on here will be able to tell you. the only raw my dogs get is an occasional rabbit and I don't actually see them eat it so I don't do anything...except for a wormer once a month as rabbits carry tape worms! Actually when mine got raw bones I gave them on a sheet and then I guess I did wipe anything I saw on their mouths/paws with a wipe!
It depends on the dog and the piece of meat that you feed. Mine, in general do not use their paws if I'm feeding them a raw meaty bone like a chicken leg or wing. I put it down on a towel or a tray and let them eat. I don't hold it, as holding it can actually make it harder for them to eat it like they should. She could just be putting her paws up in order to try to bring it down out of your hand. I know it can be scary to feed at first, but they do fine, and you will get used to it. I don't even stick around to watch them eat anymore!

You do, however, want to make sure you are feeding big enough pieces so that they can't swallow whole. I really like chicken backs for starting out. They are shaped and constructed in such a way that the dog really has to take their time and eat it properly.

Feel free to message me privately with any questions. I have been feeding some raw for a while now, and just switched to 100% raw about 2 months ago, with really great results. I will say that my favorite resources are the Raw Meaty Bones yahoo group, the Leerburg website, and Joanna Kimball's blog.
I think my only question about this as of now is - is it cost affective? We feed our pups core wellness and they almost go through a large bag a month :( I've been considering Raw Diet but Ive never been able to sit down and do the math/search for portions etc.
I have found it extremely cost effective, but this will depend largely on how you do it. I was feeding Orijen ($60 a bag) and going through about a bag a month. Feeding raw, my costs vary depending on exactly what I feed, but I am generally in the $30-40 range in a month. For example, this month I paid $29 for 40 lbs of chicken backs, 5 lbs chicken hearts, 5 lbs chicken liver, and 4 lbs green tripe. This amount feeds 2 dogs (Corgi, 18 lbs, and Mini Aussie, 25 lbs) and I should have about a 1/3 of those chicken backs left over for June. This month was on the cheaper side because I went chicken heavy since my Lyla was having a little problem with all the new protein sources being thrown at her too quickly. Next month I plan to add more beef products in, but it still won't go over $40, and probably won't even be that much.

It all depends on how and where you buy your food. If I bought everything from the butcher I would pay way more. I found a supplier in Texas that drives through my area once a month, so I bought a freezer and I stock up when he comes through. He did change, just this month, his products so now some of the things I used to be able to buy in smaller quantities (like the Tripe) will only come in large cases, so my costs for say this month may be twice the amount, but I won't have to buy anything next month, etc. I think the key to feeding raw frugally is to search out the lowest prices you can feed (or even free.. I haven't managed to swing that yet, but many have) and having a place to store it so you can stock up when you find great deals.

However, if you choose to go with one of the pre-made raw foods (like Bravo, Primal, Nature's Variety) you will be paying significantly more than even the dry kibble food.
Oh wow thanks for the info! I guess all in all I just need to get off my bum and look for some good deals. It's nice to know that it averages out in some way or another.

I have way too many questions lol think I should read some of those sites mentioned earlier in the postings before I throw them at people. That was the main question though. My puppies are healthy but if they can be healthier with the same amount of $ or less I'll be happy too.
It is a pleasure seeing her chewing off the raw and she enjoys her food now. I got 4 different type of kibbles ranging from RC, Fromm, K9 Natural Raw and Orijen sitting in my cabinet now. She just lost interest in the kibbles altogether :( Why is the reason why I go ahead with the raw. It is so miserable watching her not wanting to eat.

This is how I plan to feed her. Chicken leg, wings, minced chicken for the first month with some raw carrots. Then I will add in chicken organs for the second month. If she settle well then I will try other meat. Do I need to feed her probiotics? She got a calcium/vitamin supp as of now.
I only add probiotics and/or digestive enzymes when I'm introducing a new food, or if there are some tummy upset problems. I've also been using Slipper Elm Bark for any loose stools and have had really great luck with clearing most digestive issues up with just the SEB and probiotics.

Your plan sounds like a good one. The one mistake I made when I made the switch was trying to do too much variety too quickly. My Aussie did okay, but Lyla, my Corgi, and some major stomach upsets the first 2-3 weeks (although at least one of the incidents had more to do with her visiting the garbage buffet, lol). Depending on the dog, you may be able to add in small amounts of organ after a week or two if she is doing okay and having normal, solid stools. I was able to give my Aussie organ from week one with no problem but did wait close to a month with Lyla. I was surprised actually how my two dogs reacted so differently. Especially since my Aussie is normally my sensitive stomach boy and Lyla can eat anything and be fine.

Good luck and keep me updated on how it goes! I know not everyone agrees, and that is okay, but in my opinion this is the best dietary decision you can make for your dog!
Do they need to eat bone everyday? I am thinking of beef brisket and slices of lamb meat (hotpot style).
It depends laregly on the dog, and different styles if feeding raw will say different (prey style, RMB, etc). You want to shoot for somewhere between 10-40% depending on which one of those you follow and your individual dog. I tend to feed in the 20-25% range. I feed bone 3-4 days a week. Depending on the cut of meat it will have more or less precentage of bone. If I'm feeding chicken backs (which our kind of the foundation of my diet) I only do 3 days a week since they are very bone heavy. My best suggestion is join some of the yahoo groups for raw feeders and read what we people say (someone asks these questions almost daily) and ask people who are feeding raw what their "menu" looks like. Joanna has a great sample menu on her blog. When I developed my menu I used hers and a another trusted raw feeder's menu to fashion mine.
which Joanne? There's a few on this site lol


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