Hey I was just wondering is anyone else having issues adding music to their profile? I asked the website administrator and he said he hasn't made any changes, but everytime I try to save anything it doesn't save at all. Can someone let me know why this doesn't work anymore? It always worked before so something isn't right.

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All I know about music is that playlist.com doesn't allow you to post their playlists anymore on any websites:( Makes me really bummed out because they had the best chances of having the music I liked.. Le sigh. Good luck!

good to know...I kept meaning to ask about that but never got around to it.  I am bummed too, I liked having my playlist on here. 

I used to go listen to music on your page, but now I have to go to playlists or something...that sucks! :(

Aaah! That's a bummer! :(


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