I know I have been posting a lot of questions and you guys have been wonderful! I am so happy I found this website. Georgie is going to go to puppy school after the Thanksgiving holiday! To help with the I don't think I like dogd thing. :)

But here is something else that I have tried to look up and I am clueless. Everywhere I have read said that corgis are full of energy...etc. Georgie is about 3 years and all she does is sleep. She sleeps A LOT! Today was the first day I had to go back to work after getting her (yes it is day 4 - I am a worry wart)...she was in her crate - I get home and we go on a walk for and 30mins, she does her business. We come back and I feed her. She looks a little bored so I take on a short romp around the block. And now she is asleep again...I can not get her to play. All she wants to sleep on the floor near me, or she jumps in my lap gets lots of hugs and kisses and moves back to the floor and goes to sleep again.
I don't think I have ever seen a dog sleep so much. She has been like this, since she moved in. Thing only thing I can chalk it up to is that she is still adjustung to her new lifestyle and is just really stressed and sleeps because of it?

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Probably still adjusting and dogs really do sleep a lot! She may just be one of the more mild mannered corgis. I have one of each and believe me they are easier than the hyper ones!
:) If I had a hyper one, I think I might go crazy! hee hee. I just didn't know if I should be concerned? She's a sleepy doggie! And ingores all of her toys. I just didn't know if it was odd!
When we travel and board Jack, when he comes home he usually sleeps constantly for a day or so, and he's a fairly high-energy guy. He is not stressed by boarding either, but it's just a different place with lots of dogs around so I think he sleeps less because he's up looking around to see what he might be missing! She probably missed a lot of sleep at the rescue and is catching up now.

My female Maddie was adopted as an adult (not through rescue) and when she came here she was more mellow than usual for a few weeks and not too interested in playing.

Some are more energetic and playful than others, but you probably won't get a good feel for her "real" personality for a month or so. :-)
If you don't know her background she may never have played so this will be all new.Corgis can sleep alot but I also feel it's the new surroundings and maybe what she was used to before! It will take some time and maybe some teaching? Does she like any kong toys with peanut butter or cream cheese in?
She doesn't like the kong toys...I can't seem to find a toy she likes. She even turns her nose up at peanut butter at first...then she will go back and eat it. It is the funniest thing. She is very sweet minus the other dog thing. After the thanksgiving holidays she is going to go to puppy school. She knows her name, come, no, and sit. We do a sit, lay, come training session everyday. I need to work with her on her - Rebecca isn't here freak out. Because the stresses me out too.
Try tennis balls. Just don't leave her unattended with them, as the covers come off easily and some dogs will then eat the ball.

Bounce it a lot to get her interest. Just stand there and play with it yourself: bounce and catch, bounce and catch, and see if you can catch her interest.

Mine don't like kongs either. Well, they like them with food, but not to play with.
I think she's just earning her trust with you. The peanut butter thing seems to make me think that she's just a bit nervous in her new surroundings. Checking things out - before jumping at them. I think she'll be fine.
Seanna is so crazy when she is awake, she does crash and sleep alot...but when she's awake--wow.
Hee! :) Georgie is mellow when she is awake....normally she is just lounging around. I can't get over it.
My female is a mellow corgi and she has never really been into toys. I think some dogs just are not real intersted. PS she is a sleeper as well.
My Corgi goes from one extreme to another- he's either hyper and playing or lounging about. It's not unusual for him to climb onto an armchair and sleep for hours during the day.

I'm not sure about not wanting to play- like Beth said tennis balls may be an option. Mine will go from not wanting to play to chasing something that is moving. Sometimes even swinging his chew rope around in front of him will do it- his eyes follow it and the next minute he has to chase it.


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