I'm new here :-) just adopted Oliver from a rescue a month ago. He's a corgi x with I'm not sure what!

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Welcome! He looks pretty young, and it can be hard to identify breeds in puppies. What do you think he's mixed with?

Based on his coloring I'd say Boxer, Mastiff or Great Dane, but just a guess.  Is he really big. 

He is big and muscular but small at the same time. It's like someone took a large dog and just cut the legs off at the knees. haha


I dont know how to add pics so they show without having to click a link sorry :-/ 

Do you have any other pictures of him?

I posted a few in my album :-) 

How cute!  He looks almost like he is mixed with a Mastiff!  

Welcome Maria and Oliver!  From the coat and the shape of the head I would tend to agree with boxer or mastiff also, danes have more of a square head.  He's a handsome dude that's for sure.

He's awfully cute whatever his make up is.


Welcome and congratulations on your handsome pup.  People tend to think of a "mix" as a mix of two breeds, but he may be the result of many mixed breedings.  Two things are of interest here.  The brindle color is only found in Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and the short legs (meaning the dog is genetically a dwarf) are a recessive trait.  So you would need to look at breeds that display the brindle pattern as well as breeds with the short legs. As he grows his behavior may give you better clues than his looks.  I would venture he has some pit-bull in him as one of the components.  Enjoy, train and love his uniqueness  :-)

Actually, the Corgi dwarfism is a dominant trait with incomplete penetrance (which is variable).  That means you frequently get a dwarf dog when you cross a Corgi with anything..  We saw a German Shepherd/ Corgi cross (known parentage;  breeder saw the "mistake" happen) . Looked exactly like a black Corgi. 



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