You'd think a couple that has a Corgi and wants to rescue another wouldn't have an issue trying to get a Corgi, but we are. I feel like I am trying to secure a Federal grant...

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woohoo ! :)
I agree it was very frustrating trying to go through a rescue, every time we saw a dog we liked it was gone that same day! We went ahead and chose to get Baxter from a breeder but we were willing to get an older dog as long as he/she was kid friendly. It took so long that we just didnt want to wait anymore.
Dear Mosesbotbol - I am going to be fostering a rescue starting this weekend - he's a 6 year old male, needs to be neutered, info will be available through - probably early next week. If you think you might be interested, maybe we can arrange some kind of transport for the baby to get to you? Let me know.
Look for breeders in your area. Sometimes they have adult dogs that have been returned for whateve reason. Responsible breeders will always take their dogs back. You might get lucky. Also call local shelters and let them know that you're looking for a corgi. You never know, not all of them end up in a breed rescue group. Good luck!

My rescue experience was amazing.  I've actually been a volunteer at the local humane society for years but the time never matched when I could take a dog and they had a corgi.  We live in Indiana and the rescue we worked with is in Ohio.  We submitted our application in October (same month we were married) and received a phone call about LeeLoo in November (the day after signing on a house).  They were very informative and her foster and I exchanged phone calls leading up to the big day in December.  We were still in an apartment-no yard! We both worked full time.  We expressed our remedy to these issues by saying we would come home everyday and walk her at lunch (and we stuck to it!)  Their biggest concern was how informed I was on the breed.  They don't want to someone who thinks they are cute and cuddly.  They want someone who knows they're stubbornness on stubby legs.  I've been in love with the breed for a decade so it was a no brainer!

The foster even met us half way in Kentucky when the day came.  It was an amazing experience adopting an adult dog.  They believed her to be four at the time.  She's everything I could of dreamed of and more.  

That being said, the humane society part of me knows that true animal fosters/rescues/societies want nothing but the best for each dog.  If they know the dog has a problem and you're not a fit, you're not a fit.  Soooo many people want puppies.  To me, you love the breed or you just want a puppy.  I didn't bat an eye to adopting a 4 year old over weight chunk.  We knew we would give her the best life and she's now a happy and loving pet.  She's a great addition to our family and I wouldn't change a thing.  


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