I saved an adorable corgi shepherd mix from my local pound about two weeks ago. I couldn't let her die, she is sweet and is all corgi. I noticed she had a cough, more of a hack like when a dog drinks water too fast. i rescue a lot of dogs and rehome them usually in a matter of days. i decided to foot the bill and take her to the vet to check out the cough because i know kennel cough and distemper spread easily in pounds.
sandy is 6 to 8 years old, fat and alert. the vet gave her two shots of antibiotics and pills which are now done. since there is no test for distemper she said to watch her for 10 days and watch for fever, shakes, vomiting and diarrhea. She has had none of that and has been energetic. I need your opinion on how long you think i should wait to rehome her. I've kept her isolated and i would hate to adopt her out and she die or spread a virus. She still has a cough, and her bark is always hoarse. Since she is older maybe she has asthma or something ? Please share your thoughts. she got spayed at the pound and it took her almost 3 days to recover. She also drinks a lot of water, two gallons a day and eats fine.

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If she is still coughing and is through with the antibiotics, should she maybe go to the vet for a follow up? 

The cough can last awhile.  When we adopted Mowgli he had a bad case of Kennel Cough, which is what you described and it took him about a month.  Good food and TLC gave him the time and space to recover, without any medication.  I would be more concerned about the dog drinking two gallons of water a day.  I would definitely mention this to the Vet.  Regarding rehoming the dog, I would suggest, if you can, waiting until she is fully recovered, because the stress of adjusting to yet another home would set her back.

It sounds like kennel cough which can take quite a while to recover from. My recent rescue I just adopted has kennel cough and he is sitll coughing after 10 days of  2 different antibiotics. I would worry about the water intake more than anything at this point. Did the vet listen to her heart and lungs? Coughing can also be a side effect of a heart problem. Two gallons of water is an extraordinary amount for a corgi-sized dog to drink so at the very least she should have a blood panel done to make sure she doesn't have kidney failure, daibetes, cushings or some other disease causing the increased water intake. Is it possible she is debarked and this is causing a hoarse bark?

I was wondering if she might be debarked, too.

Definitely a lot of water intake and that coupled with her being overweight points to worse problems than Kennel Cough. I would have the vet do a thorough panel and exam on her before even considering sending her elsewhere. At her age there are a whole range of health issues you could be looking at.

It is really bothering me, i wonder if some medical problem is why she was at the pound. Know of any Texas corgi rescues that could help me adopt out a dog with a health issue?

Just google Texas corgi rescue and you should be able to find some in your area. A rescue may be willing to take her in and take care of her health issues. I doubt any respectable rescue will adopt an unhealthy dog out to a new home without knowing what is going on. Has she ever been heartworm tested? That can cause a cough as well. Its so hard when you know nothing about their history, but until you have a blood and urine panel done you won't know if she does have any serious issues or something that is easily managable. Also, many breed specific rescues may not help a mix breed so it may be worth looking into any rescues in your local area, not just corgi rescues.


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