Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone elses corgis roll when playing with other dogs? Mickey loves to herd or be chased by every dog we come across but he quickly warms up to the dogs who play like he does (basically the chasing game, but not too rough) When dogs get right on his heels he developed this little defense of rolling and zooming away. it is pretty funny to watch and he seems to love it. I am wondering if anyone else has experience with this and ALSO is it bad for him to be doing this? Could it hurt his back?

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Jack is usually the chaser, not the chasee. If another dog is faster than him, he judges the arc that they are running on and cuts perfectly across it at just the right point to intercept them.

Your dog rolling would not worry me too much on its own, but I'd be a bit concerned about another dog running over the top of him. Corgis are pretty sturdy, but use common sense if he is playing with a dog 4x bigger than him. There is one dog that we see who is quite friendly, but he's a German Shepherd-Rottie mix and HUGE and clumsy, so whenever we see him we leash our dog; we don't want him getting squashed.
Hardy is a roller too. I don't think he has figured out yet that the other dog can't rub his belly. :)

After tearing through the house being the chasee, mine thinks he is a wwf wrestler and climbs on the chair to dive bomb the other dog. That then ends in a "rub my belly" roll.

Thay are funny little dogs!
YES, it's hilarious. I wonder if it's the herder in them. LO runs and soon as Rexx gets close he rolls over and runs the other way, def. looks like a defensive move.
Yes, Eddy does this all the time. Corgis rolled to avoid getting kicked in the face by sheep and / or horses.
When Penny and my daughters Corgi Puck play he almost immediately rolls over onto his back...Penny is younger than he is but bigger and usually kicks his butt...they are a blast to watch play...although they get a little rough now and then.


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