Send him some love! I'm nervous for my little man (I know I shouldn't be, but he is my baby)


I drop him off at 8am and Pickup at 4:30pm.


He hasn't been able to eat or drink since 9pm and he is HATING IT! I gave him an early dinner (late lunch) because I had to work and, man, I have been seeing some PUPPY EYES tonight! He's even being especially cuddly. He must know. They always know :)



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good luck to your baby! I have to get mine fixed soon as well and it gets me so nervous. How did you pull yourself through?
I've been going to the same place I've been doing his vaccinations, and they are great! Really friendly staff (for a clinic) and they love it when Rowdy comes in.  I will post an update tomorrow I'm sure about it. I'm just trying to keep a positive attitude and know that they know exactly what they're doing, they do it all day (almost) everyday.
He will be fine.  With males the hardest part is keeping them from running & jumping!  Sending good corgi vibes Rowdy's way!
Corgi hugs to Rowdy.  Not eating is the worst part for corgis, lol.

He hates the not eating part... he can't even have water until after 8 tonight! 


My baby's back! The clinic said he was great! He LEAPED into the girl's arms when she opened the kennel door, he was ready to get out of there! He snuggled in my lap on the way home and when we got inside, I set up his bed and his favorite stuffed toy on the couch next to me. He laid down on the computer charger (you know, the block part that gets ridiculously hot?) and tried to nap so I got the idea to put my heating pad on his bed on low.  As soon as his paws realized it was warm, he positioned his bottom half on it and passed out. He's not even trying to bug me for my mcdonald's, and I never eat when he's not in his crate. Thanks for all your kind words and here's to a speedy recovery! :)
Glad he's home and doing well:)


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