oh my Goodness this morning i thought id lost Carly for sure , she got out of her collar with leash attached and ran, and ran, and ran!! i was so scared, i knew shed come back because she always does at the park, but no she just kept going and coming back, i just could catch her, you know how fast they are !!!  I had my  two granddaughters , dropping one of at school and the other in her car seat. I chased and called for about ten minutes she never went in the street thank God! but if she had done that , i know a car would have hit her . Mercy me!! i wanted spank her so bad so i did! Very close call, to close for me....

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I had a similar experience a month ago. Keke dun appreciate walk and so I need to carry her far enough so that she will walk back home. We were in an enclosed basketball court and somehow the door open! We saw the door open at the same time and she dashed out of it and across a busy road (our apartment is across it)

OMG, my heart almost stopped beating! Luckily she slowed down once she reached our building. Now I watch her like a hawk.


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