oh my Goodness this morning i thought id lost Carly for sure , she got out of her collar with leash attached and ran, and ran, and ran!! i was so scared, i knew shed come back because she always does at the park, but no she just kept going and coming back, i just could catch her, you know how fast they are !!!  I had my  two granddaughters , dropping one of at school and the other in her car seat. I chased and called for about ten minutes she never went in the street thank God! but if she had done that , i know a car would have hit her . Mercy me!! i wanted spank her so bad so i did! Very close call, to close for me....

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Teach her an Emergency Recall. We've had good success with this without superhuman effort. It works.
Google "Really Reliable Recall", "Leslie Nelson", or search MyCorgi.com for discussions "Emergency Recall".
i was hoping some had a solution, anything to help , thank you for this info
o i am so sorry that happened to you! thank goodness you got her back and that she didnt go into the street! i dont trust collars for that reason as teddy,when he was a very small pup got excited because he saw some children, got out of his collar and ran towards them as a truck was speeding by, so i now use harnesses but like John said i would google that and teach her to come when called.
thanks dear, i was so upset... i went from thinking OMG! she is going to get run over ,..or run away, and ill never see her again, to telling her im going to beat you!! hahah i can laugh now but i was frantic!
Anytime we leave home the buckle collar goes on and tight enough(have to double check) so that there's no way to slip out! John's reliable recall is a must also! Never punish a dog for coming as they will think you will do that the next time you want them to come...a better way is praise and treats no matter how bad it is...work on the recall! I know it's scary!
i guess since i bathed her last night with the collar on it must have loosened while i was holding on to her in the bathtub, and i took it off to dry it and didnt check the tightness.
She comes to me every time i call her at the park down the street, that's whats so crazy.. i guess it since it was a different area and she wanted to explore it.?
i knew i wasnt suppose to spank her but i was temporarily confused..
Yes...corgis are good at making us confused:) Wynn is barking at me right now and I'm not appreciating it...we have about 2 inches of snow and it's playtime! This is why to even have a special call for them to come right now(emergancy recall) and whatever word you pick they need to learn to drop what they're doing and get to you NOW! Sage comes when I call but if I call and say "Sage, come front" she better hurry her butt and get in front of me close!
did look at the video clip of this Leslie nelson, i guess i have to buy the dvd to see what it is she teaches..
Can you get her into classes...I need to do this with mine...as much or more for me than my dogs.
im going to go to classes again after Christmas, possible at petsmart or petco. WE have already done two 6 week CGC classes and both times we failed.. the first one she was very young 5 months and the method of training was a choke chain, she didnt respond well at all to this , and i hated it.. Next time around was was clicker training..she did much better but on the day of the test, one of the judges was the lady who taught the other choke chain class and she was scared to death of her , and she shut down.., because of the times she used the chain on her.. her memory is amazing!! Needless to say we need some one on one..
That's a bummer! Sage did much better her 2nd class at 8-9 months...she's finally getting it and the trainer commented on how well she did...it's hard for a young pup sage was as young as yours for her 1st class. we now have graduated from clicker to just the clicking with my mouth i do to let her know she's doing the right thing! Good luck...she'll get it!
I know how you feel, and I'm so sorry!!!
Lily did the same last weekend,I couldn't run in my PJ , so a just screamed like a crazy woman...and she came back!
Why do they do this?!?!?!? I hate it.


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