oh my Goodness this morning i thought id lost Carly for sure , she got out of her collar with leash attached and ran, and ran, and ran!! i was so scared, i knew shed come back because she always does at the park, but no she just kept going and coming back, i just could catch her, you know how fast they are !!!  I had my  two granddaughters , dropping one of at school and the other in her car seat. I chased and called for about ten minutes she never went in the street thank God! but if she had done that , i know a car would have hit her . Mercy me!! i wanted spank her so bad so i did! Very close call, to close for me....

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i have to say ive never never been so nervous about losing a dog...she has me so in love with her i get to scared
You might consider looking into a martingale type collar, this is what I use on my guys and I worry a lot less about them backing out of their collars. A limited slip would work too I think.
i would love to get a martingale collar , i look for them all the time but none of our stores have them ...so i guess i should just order one on line , im just not sure about the size..
what is a limited slip?
Martingales are great!!!!!!
Yes, we use martingales with the leash for the same reason! He can't back out of it. Sidney uses a medium. They are pretty adjustable.
Sidney got loose once, when he wasn't leashed. We watched him in horror as he raced into the street. We could see that he and a car were on a collision course and couldn't do a thing to stop it...screaming didn't help. He smacked face-first into the tire of a moving car. Luckily he only lost 2 front teeth..talk about a close call!
oh my WORD!! how scary
do you order them on line?
You can get them at most pet places also...they usually have 1-2 kinds around here...I will look if I still have a pic of mine! I use them always with my rescues being rehomed...only safe collar for a scared dog too!
I bought the first one at PetSmart, but I've ordered the rest online. I've found they are better quality and there are more colors and patterns. Google Lola & Foxy, they are nice collars.
If you go on etsy.com there are hundreds of sellers that have martingale collars available. They come in all sorts of nice colors and patterns, and most sellers will custom fit the collar to your dog's neck size. I haven't been able to find many locally around here.

This is the seller I usually use, she's very nice: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheModDog
I just ordered a new one for Sidney from this shop. The girls' name is Julia, and she'll custom make it to fit your dog, with the colors and patterns you want. His new collar is only $15 and $2-3 for shipping.


If you contact her, tell her Geri sent you :)
thanks so much ill check it out


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