I was reading that Corgis will be tried as search dogs. 

Due to there size,intelligence and sense of smell this would make sense.

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Cool idea isn't it? Aside from risking their lives that is.

It's interesting. I've wondered myself if they couldn't be trained as search dogs. Cassie the Corgi exhibits many of the traits possessed by the Late, Great Anna the GerShep, whose dam was a search-and-rescue dog with several "finds" by the time Anna was born. Anna's trainer mostly trained dogs for drug searching.

I actually intended to have her and me trained for search and rescue when I got her. Unfortunately, though, shortly after she came to live with me, I got an job (ugh!!). It involved mostly desk work with a few hours a week in front of classrooms, and I quickly fell out of shape. Before long I was in no condition to go bushwhacking across the desert behind an animal with the drive of an F-16. But by then, I'd taught her to "find" objects on command.

Cassie, I'm sure, would learn this -- she has a strong desire to retrieve objects, high drive, and she's pretty smart. Ruby...not so much.

If anyone is interested, it might be worth looking into. There are people who train dogs for search & rescue. A willing owner can also be trained and certified to contract out her or his services; otherwise, the S&R dog lives with you until called upon, and then goes with a handler on any given mission. But you have to start pretty early -- when the dog is still a pup. Here's are a couple of organizations to start with:


If I was about 30 years younger and could do search and rescue with a Corgi I would...the kind I would like would be that I and the dog are trained and we leave on a moments notice to fly into a place that has had a natural disaster with people needing to be found.

It does sound cool, doesn't it? Both adventurous and altruistic.

Problem is, not all disasters are natural these days. If I'd proceeded, Anna would have been trained and working at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, and presumably she also would have been working on 9/11. It would be difficult enough to find a dead person who was lost in the sticks (only one of her dam's "finds" was alive when located); what a horror OK City or the Twin Towers would have been.

Never thought of that Vicky...I was thinking real natural disasters...not ones caused by people...good point!

They are intelligent, they would fit in smaller spaces then your larger S&R dogs. 

I follow quite a few Russian corgis on IG....had no idea they were so popular there.  Pems are split 50/50 with and without tails.

Linda, what is IG?

A friend of mine does Search & Rescue with his German Shepherd.  He told me that the dogs specialize.  Some are trained as Cadaver Dogs and others search for LIVE victims, lost people, etc.  So, I would opt for the live search type.  That is what my friend's dog does.  If they are looking for a dead body, he said that they send out a different team of dogs.

I always thought my Corgis would like to join the Beagle Brigade.  They search for FOOD in nice air conditioned airports!  I think they would love that job if they were allowed to eat what they found!

Anna...Instagram!  Huge corgi community from around the world. 

There is a gal who does the most wonderful clay figures of corgis as well as other breeds.  She works with a group called Corgi Angels on IG.  When a corgi passes away she makes a clay figure of that corgi from a picture, the figure has angel wings.  I have one of Max and she captures each dog perfectly.

If you have an IG account I can give you #s to get you started following corgi people. 


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