Since my wife and I have had a baby,  and because we are both full time workers and students,  my 5 year old Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Elvis, is not getting the attention he deserves.  He is a great dog,  I love him dearly,  but we have been trying to make it work for over a year now and he needs to be in a home where he can get a lot more exercise and attention.  I am not looking for advice on how I can keep him, believe me, I've tried everything.  I am simply looking for a new home for him where he will be loved,  and to where he can bring love.  He is my best friend (aside from my wife...) and I only want what is best for him. Anyone interested, please let me know.  Thanks.


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This morning I posted to Priscilla (who lives in TX) that I sent out an email about Elvis needing a home. My friend responded and told me he will be in New Orleans on the 26th (he lives in Connecticut near Rhode Island). He said he would be willing to bring Elvis with him to New Orleans maybe you can meet up on his way to New Orleans.... Once someone can tell you if Elvis gets along with other dogs. Let me know.
Hi James,
Laurie posted Elvis on her blog The Daily corgi Facebook page you might want to check out some of the responses :)
I have posted to a few people that my friend is traveling from CT soon and is willing to bring Elvis with him if you should find someone that is his forever home outside of new england. If you want him to come stay in Mystic for a couple days a week until you find him a place let me know, I am sure Quincy would enjoy the company. I would love to take Elvis but I think 2 corgis forever would be a little much for me. Let me know your thoughts on all this.
I live in Providence and as long as he gets along with Felix, am very interested in adopting Elivs!
Aaron glad to see you joined my corgi! The reason I posted the Daily Corgi facebook link in my last post was so James could see that you were from RI and interested in Elvis!! Woo Hoo! Hope everything works out and you can take Elvis : )
This is why I love Corgi owners! Look at how everyone has come together for Elvis. Hooray!
Did you get Elvis from a breeder? If so, most breeders have it in their contract that the dog needs to go back to them if at any point you cannot keep it.

I always find it sad when someone has a dog and then a baby and finds they no longer have enough time for the dog. It is a very common reason for dogs to be turned into rescue, and something all young people should think about when they are deciding they want a puppy.
Wow... I hope you and Jim can hook up!! It sounds like you could give Elvis a perfect home!!
sounds like a match made in heaven..
Yeah...sounds like ther's some good prospects...good luck Elvis! Can't wait to hear about your new furever home!
I've been checking this forum becuse I read your post and I feel that I really want to know where Elvis ends up!
In all seriousness, it is so great to see that there are so many wonderful homes out there willing to take in animals that need rehoming. I've been touched by people's responses.

If Elvis would've like a cultural experience, I would have always hosted him here in Sunny Queensland, Australia :-)
You sound like you'd be perfect for Elvis! goodluck!
Sharon.... I hope you hear back from Jim too. We'll be keeping good thoughts for you!!


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