Well we took Samson down to the vet because he stopped eating but is still drinking and active and found out that he has a blockage. The vet explained our options and unfortunately we are not able to do the procedure (starts at $500.00 if it goes smoothly and could go up to ??) unfortunately our daughter (who Samson belongs to ) does not have enough and we don't either we are praying and we ask that you all will pray as well. GOD BLESS!

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I will pray very hard for you guys.  I'd be willing to donate money towards the cause...have you tried CorgiAid?  There are sites that do fundraisers for such situations....others can give you their exact names...

I'm sure there's a vet with a payment plan, or a credit card. I'm sure your dog is worth proper medical care, and yes, having a pet can be expensive. Please take care of your pet, he would do the same for you!

If you cannot do the procedure, what is the other option??

Try corgi aid:) Hopefully something good will happen...sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayers going your way. I would try calling around to some other vets. I had a corgi that HAD to have surgery or she would not survive. A few of the vets wanted $1200 to $600 for the surgery, I called around and found a vet that was an hour away from me and the emergency surgery and her meds only cost me $205 and he did an awesome job on her, so it never hurts to call around to see if u can find a better price!! Good Luck and Prayers for Samson

I agree with Bogart who said that the vet must have a payment plan.

Otherwise, give the dog to a Corgi rescue group.  If you are unable or unwilling to help him, then he deserves a chance for a new home that can.  Do it soon so the dog does not suffer.

Dogs are expensive.  It is like having another kid.

Most vets have Care Credit available. You can call around if your's doesn't have a plan. If you do not qualify and don't want to contact a rescue organization to apply for help you will need to give him up to your local animal control. They will either end his suffering or if they have contacts with local rescues try to get one to take him and pay for surgery. You really can't just let him suffer..so sad.

Yes. We will pray for you.

This was Mocha on Dec 24th, 2010

Emergency vet bills: $1170.38
Having your dog home for Xmas...priceless
There are some things money cant buy, for everything else there's Mastercard.

Can you apply for CareCredit? Put it on a credit card? Call around and see if any vets will offer a payment plan. A blockage can be deadly, no? I don't think it's something that will just resolve on it's own! Please take care of him and get him treated, even if that means giving him to a rescue.

I agree with others, care credit, credit card, friends? family? I have to say $500 is a steal if we are talking abdominal surgery to remove a foreign body. The hospital I work at is easily $1600+ for a procedure like that. Franklin had to have a rock removed and it cost me $1700 at a different emergency hospital, I was unemployed and a student, I used care credit and credit cards to pay for the surgery, 3 years later I'm still paying it off.. If you can't afford the $500 sign him over to the vet or a rescue. I don't want to be mean or anything but an obstruction is a life threatening emergency and will only get worse the longer you wait, if you don't have $500 for a life threatening emergency I can guess you probably don't have the funds to properly care for this dog for the rest of his life. Do what is best for him and either apply for credit cards, sell some things, or sign him over and save his life. 


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