Milo has scabs that you can only see if you run your fingers through his hair. Could it be dry skin? I don't think it's mites that's only common in puppies. I give both my dogs fish oil in there food so I'm not sure why there would be such dry skin/scabs.

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It could be dry skin because of the weather, but I had a similar problem with my Shepherd and the vet diagnosed it as a bacteria infection on the skin. She had antibiotics and had to bathe with a special shampoo a few times for a month, which cleared it up. I would see your vet, especially if you see any of them open and bleed or if they increase in number at all.

I was wondering how Milo's scabs are doing.  I had a similar issue on two separate occasions when Tobey had a LOT of scabs kind of running up and down his spine.  The second time it happened I noticed that they actually started as little sores/blisters and then as they dried up they turned into scabs.  I wish I could say I knew what the problem was, but we never did figure it out.  He seemed to feel a little down on those two times, but there were no other symptoms and when the scabs dried up and fell off he didn't get them again.  Since it came on so quick for Tobey I'm guessing some kind of allergic reaction.  He hasn't had another one of these episodes for at least a year so I'm hoping we don't see it again!  

Hello it's funny cuz everything you explained is the same as milo has. It's done his spine no other symptoms. So I kinda picked all the scabs off and brushed him and started adding more fish oil to his food and haven't seen it since. It could have been a bacterial infection on his skin a lot of dogs get but I don't think Milo's was bad enough to get to an extreme point. The fish oil made his skin and fur a lot more moisturized.


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