Ive noticed my corgi scoot trying to bite at his butt alot recently and since hes a corgi he cant reach, so I help my best friend out and scratch it for him.  Today I noticed somerhitng got caught under my nail and when I looked it was a scab.  So I inspected and sure enough hes got quite a bit of it in that area, his hair is also pretty matted up on his butt.  Thats the only area.  Could the matted hair be causing this?  If so would it be best to just shave his butt and let it grow back or brush it out?  Im sure the latter will be kindof painful for him.

Also he doesnt have tics or fleas at all and he spends almost all of his time indoors because we live in hell.... I mean Arizona lol

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like a bacteria infection on the skin. And there are lot of things you an give dogs to keep there skin moist and fur very soft. Fish oil or vegitable oil is good for skin and fur. But for a bacteria infection you would need antibiotics.
Is he on flea prevention? Flea bites tend to show up around the rump only in most dogs. If he isn't on prevention I would give him a dose and see if it helps. Just because you don't see fleas doesn't mean they aren't there

Be prepared for it to take a long time for the itchies to go away after using the flea prevention. Flea bites can get infected, too. Funny thing, I accidentally let a dose of flea stuff go too long last year. My spaniel was itching like crazy, but we couldn't find any fleas on him. We did find fleas on Snickers, though she wasn't scratching at all.

I don't know if it would work on corgi butts, but when my spaniel gets mats I use the scissors to cut the mat lengthwise. This is not pulling and does not leave ugly hacked hair. Here is a helpful article.


I think I found out whats going on with him.  It looks like its his tail stub is all red and scabby.  I think he just got it infected or something.  Im gonna try treating ti with some cleaning stuff and see what happens.  He doesnt have fleas, we have 3 animals and none of them have any.  Thanks for all the info so far though!

Where on his butt exactly? If it's near the anus, it could be that his his anal glands aren't discharging properly. That will cause discomfort (scooting, scratching, etc.). If they become impacted they abscess and/or become infected. Have the vet check them, it's easily, but smelly, to resolve.

My corgi has "flea allergy dermatitis" and if one flea gets on him he scratches and chews at his bottom constantly, oh and the licking. The licking causes like a bacteria, it's black sticky and also flaky skin on his back half. I tried giving him baths, using my toner and cotton balls and even a cone. But what fixed it was giving him and the cat flea medicine. He stopps scratching and licking and it clears up. then a nice oatmeal shampoo to sooth the skin. My corgi is an inside dog but when we go on walks fleas see him and jump on for a free meal so I have to keep him on flea meds all year.


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