I'm having a hard time to get Zwei to interact with any other dogs ... even our own family's! He's almost 4 months and we haven't neutered him yet.

We've tried to socialize him with the Pekignese, but while the Pekignese sniffs him, he either runs away or barks at the poor thing & looks like he's about to bite. He barks at other dogs that we walk by, too, so we can't really walk him around other dogs yet.

I'd really like him to become more comfortable with other dogs, but I'm just unsure what to do at this point. Will puppy kindergarten be a big help? Or will neutering ease his aggression / scared emotions?

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Yes, puppy class is excellent, the socialization from the class and a good instructor will help you tremendously. Go and observe several classes, see which instructor you're most comfortable with :)


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