Lately Billy is DEATHLY AFRAID at home.  He thinks there is a killer at the door or something.  Last night he kept barking and growling and running to be by my side. There was nobody outside, no animals nothing.  He was even barking at the door in his sleep  I've tried letting him out onto the porch, I've tried going out with him. Even though he sees that there isn't anything out there he continues to be afraid.  I read that you shouldn't comfort him but I feel so bad for the guy.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  Maybe I have a ghost :/

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Have you done any classes with him? It really helps with their confidence. Sometimes they go through stages of fear, just try to distract with toys or a training session. Do not reward the fear with petting and sympathy.

We did a couple different classes, he just recently started this.  He is almost a year old, I have read some stuff saying they will go through stages of fearing more things like people on streets and such (which he is also doing lately)  Last night I just kept pretending I didn't notice and kept throwing his toys.  Hopefully he will get over it.


Have you recently moved something around the door?  Corgis are notorious for alerting if something is out of place.  My husband is a firefighter, and one night he left his shoes sitting in the driveway where he had jumped into his bunker gear before getting in the truck.  THAT was an ordeal.  Middle of the night, Seanna's carrying on, barking, whining, won't move.  I' m out there in my PJ's trying to get her to pee before she wakes up all the neighbors.  Took me forever to figure out what she was scared of.  Just shoes.  That's all it was.

No actually, nothing is different.  I am totally confused. Wierd little guy.

Are you sure there is nothing he might have heard or smelled?  Fighting cats?  Mating skunks?  They have much better ears than us.  I've had the dogs bark at nothing in the middle of the night only to find a tree down in the nearby woods a few days later, for instance.  Or find out in the news that the cops were called for a big fight a few blocks away.  

I would distract him with a good game of something fun.  Sometimes something just sets them off and we can't figure out what it is.


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