Was sitting drinking coffee and surfing the net a little while ago and my female had a very scary episode(to both of us).  She was rolling around and suddenly siezed up.  My male jumped off of the sofa and approached her at almost the very same moment I got to her.  She began to breath very rapidly and hard through her nose and was holding her legs very stiff.  I started stroking her and talking to her.  Her eyes seemed clear and focused. 


The episode passed.  She layed there for a few moments and then rolled back over.  She seemed weak in her hind end so i "tickled" her back feet to make sure she could feel it, she could.  I immediately called our vet...My mind was racing I was fearful of heartattack, seizure ( though she seemed a bit "clear eyed" for that).  While I was getting dressed to go she followed me back to the bedroom.  I gave her a cookie which she ate.  Got her to the vet ASAP, she wandered around outside of the vet office taking in all of the other dog smells, took care of all of her "business" acting very normal. 


He seems to think that she had a bad muscle spasm or pinched a nerve in her back"monkeying" around as he called it.  He said her heart sounded good. We are on anit inflamatory meds and muscle relaxers if she needs them and crate rest.  But all in all it appears the situation has passed. 


SCARED me out of my mind......  SOOOO glad my girl seems to be feeling better.....^-^




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I would have been a basket case! Glad she is doing OK now and it doesn't sound like anythin serious!
I would have been a mess too! Sounds like she's okay now! Poor girl!
How scary! Glad all is well and not serious!
Im with you, that would be very scary, glad to hear that she is better now!!


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