So I found this really cool scent discrimination game I want to teach Conan. Basically you put different mild scents on objects, say your keys and your phone. Keys smell like lemon, phone smells like grape. Once you teach the dog to discriminate between the two, he can always find them! And it can come in handy! So next time I lose my keys, I can say, "Conan, find my keys! Where are they keys?" And he'll know that "keys" smell like lemon, and he can track them down and find them by their scent! It's a fun game for a rainy day (you can just hide random objects) because it really gets their brains working. I can't wait to try this! Has anyone else?

You can read more about it here:

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I'll have to try this for my husband as he's always losing his keys!!
haha I thought of my roommate and how he's always losing his wallet! It's like having a service dog for your memory :)
That's awesome! I totally want to try it!
We play "track it" with Finn where we hid treats in a room then call Finn in, let him smell our hands and tell him to track it. Right away he's off sniffing until he's found them all then he gets praise and we hold up our hands ans say "all gone" so he knows to stop searching.

I have not tried it with objects but I would like to. I thin kit would be fun. I always joke that we're going to train him to be a search and rescue Corgi. :)
Search-and-Rescue Corgi -- hey, I like that!
How cool! Corgis are supposed to be excellent trackers. That would be such a blast to have a Corgi SAR team!
Sound like plain fun on some of the cold, dreary days of winter that are knocking at all of our doors! Thanks for the idea -- better than sitting around watching rented movies when I'm snowed in!
Definitely! It's like the perfect thing for bad weather and sick days! Glad you all think it's worth a shot :)
Thanks for sharing the information. My dog loves to sniff around, and I was wondering how to train her to do something useful instead of always trying to find and dig up earthworms or insects. She also has strong herding instinct. She goes behind us and nip on our heels, and when outside, she likes to run around to corral us. I wonder if there is any info on how to use that for a productive game and perhaps she can really herd some goats. :-) Actually I need to learn how to break her habit of nipping on the heels. Otherwise, I just don't feel comfortable to bring her to see my horses . I don't want her hurt by being kicked by the horses. I'd appreciate some pointers.
Have you looked into herding trainers near you? I think you should definitely try it! One thing you could try with her nipping is to redirect her behavior to something else. Any toy for Conan works well but it's easier to use things like tugs or balls on strings so you can sort of play keep away with them. It really gets Conan's brain working when he gets so close and I pull it away! Of course I always let him have it every once in a while and when we're done playing. That way he gets the satisfaction of "catching" something. If you want to condition her to your horses, maybe try having her on a long line with you? You can go buy a 30' line (or just go buy a clothesline, I think it's a lot cheaper) and that way she can get some distance from you but you are still in total control of her.

All that said, I'm actually very new to this and have no experience with horses... you should post a new thread and see what everyone else has to say! There are tons of people here with good info :)

P.S. digging up the earthworms sounds totally cute, but definitely not good for the garden. I'm glad you can use this game with your pup! By the way, your girl is too cute!


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