Ok, mousse is getting really scraggly and stinky. Time for the full spa treatment so she doesn't scare the relatives at christmas!

Anyone know of a great groomed in the Scottsdale area? Please let me know where they are located, why they are your favorite, and how much they usually charge if you can :). Thanks for your help!

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try yelp, and here's a list of scottsdale members.

We are in Scottsdale and we found a groomer we really like. We took Finn there and were so happy with the results. The owner has a friend that breeds and shows Corgis so he really likes the breed.

Here's a link to Kudzu where you can view the location and reviews (you'll know which review is mine):

As far as cost, I think it was $25-30 depending on if you wanted anything special done. We had them do a special deshedding treatment which was $5 more but everything else such as nails, teeth brushing etc is included. If you call them they will give you the price over the phone so you know what to expect. They're really very nice there.
I guess I should have mentioned they are called Shampooch and Kitty Too. :)
Thanks! We have our first appt tomorrow, bringing her feline sister too, we'll let you know how things go :). Thanks for the recommendation!!
So, how was it? That's great that you could get your kitty taken care of as well.
Sorry it took so long for me to get back on this! It was awesome! The people there were super nice and it was really affordable! Plus mousse and my cat got toys and pretty bows/bandanas for them to wear all through the holidays. :). We will be going there from now on!
That's great! I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. We keep meaning to go back but haven't had a chance yet. The only downside is having to leave him there so long. I think Finnigan was there about 4 hours when we took him.
Thanks for posting this information, that groomer being familiar with Corgis is a huge plus. I am taking Kirby there today for his first ever grooming appointment and if everything goes well, then I'll need to take Lena there for a bath and to get her nails clipped. It's amazing how sharp puppy claws can be.
I know I suggested this groomer and I still would recommend them, but I would like to point out that they end up having to do a TON of brushing on Finn due to his heavy coat and shedding and our last trip resulted in him having a lot of scabs. I did speak with the groomer and he said the brushing is likely the cause and that if he is more sensitive to it then the next time he will brush him in phases which means we'd have to bring him in on multiple days. The groomer was very kind and understanding and I would still take Finn back, I just wanted to point out the scab issue so you can be sure to check your Corgi for issues such as this. If you do have any issues, don't hesitate to talk to the groomer, he's great and will do everything he can to eliminate the problem. :)
I don't know. I've taken mousse twice now, and the second time she came back with scabs as well, that and really dry skin. That and it was quite a bit more expensive the second go around than the first... Needless to say, mousse is getting groomed at home from now on.
I'll keep that in mind. Kirby's initial grooming was $20, which included bath, brush, trimming his hindquarters, underside, and feet, clipping his nails, and brushing his teeth. They said that the next time, I take him in, it would be $25. I didn't notice any scabbing or signs of discomfort from him and he's almost a fluffy, so he does require a bit of brushing. I am taking Lena in tomorrow, she has a very short coat, so she shouldn't require excessive brushing. I'll let you guys know if she has any issues tomorrow, but I was happy enough with Kirby's grooming that I think Lena will be fine.

Are there any other groomers in the Scottsdale area that you guys recommend? I don't want to go back to Petsmart, since they horribly overcharge for everything, but I don't really know anything about the independent groomers in the area. I live near the 101 and Raintree if that makes a difference.
Just as an update, I took Lena there on Friday and everything went great. They did explain the pricing change after the first visit, which is $5 for teeth brushing, $3 for some facial cream they use, and $25 for the rest. I don't think that I'm missing anything else there. That's still cheaper than Petsmart and so far I haven't had any issues with them, albeit that is in a sample size of two visits.


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