Has anyone tried a raw diet for a sensitive stomach? Doing research but hard to find info for cases with sensitive stomachs... Any advice or suggestions?

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Sparky, our senior corgi has a VERY sensitive tummy.  He's also had a bout of pancreatitis :(   I tried everything including expensive vet food.  We found the answer with a raw food mix called Sojos.  I choose to buy the one with meat in it as it is so simple.  I make up the food about once a week and keep it in the fridge. 

The food is easy, smells good, and he loves it!  He DOESN"T THROW UP ANYMORE!  Woo Hoo!

Look it up online.  I've found a local pet store just started carrying it, so I can get it locally for the same price as online without paying for or waiting for shipping.

Good luck!  LaRita

Amazing. So lucky! I am praying that Ramji has the same results! Thank you so much for sharing!

My corgi has an iron stomach - will eat anything. But my retriever, nicknamed "sensi", has a sensitive stomach. I'm lucky enough that sensitive food formulas have worked for him - no more vomiting and he has even stopped having some skin issues too. We've done the salmon based formulas and they work very well for him. 


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