I'm not super familiar with Corgi's, as this is my first one. However, I'm used to terriers and they typically calm down about 1 year and then fully calm down about 2 years. When do corgi's start "calming down". I know I have lots of work and training to do with my Ein. I'm just looking forward to the days in which we can snuggle on the couch and watch a movie without being nipped to death. Thank you!

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So far after three corgis I would have to say that corgis have a very wide range of energy level. I grew up with beagles and feel the same way about them. I am not a breeder but am guessing that when you breed for certain traits that there are two sides to the trait. Corgis as well as beagles were bred to go all day so there are going to be very intense ones and "couch potatoes". My very intense corgi was about 2 when he settled down however he was always ready for fetch and never tired of keeping watch.I did a lot of training and classes with him and he loved it. My other two have been very mild and do not have a very high energy level. They did not enjoy classes and just put up with training tricks. I don't know much about terriers but would imagine there is alot of range with them as well. When my son got our doberman, a breeder told him that some are adolescents forever and our 9 year old defintely fits that descrption. There is alot of discussion in the FAQ about nipping, it can be stopped with consistent training. Enjoy this time it passes very quickly :)

Sage settled down early at 1 one her mom Livvy is still going strong at 5 although she's usually a good girl and LOVES to cuddle she's my wild child(usually in a good way). She will go all day in fact she will be stiff and sore the next day from overdoing herself!

I'll tell you when it happens. Mine are 6 and 8....


In all seriousness, it depends what you mean by "settle down." Jack is full of energy. If it were up to him, he'd go for a three-mile hike every day and then play all night. However, by about the age of 2 he learned how to practice self-control, and he can lie down and leave us alone, though he looks bored and not content when he does so.

Madison is happy enough to snuggle on the couch, but at 8 and a half she is still a busy-body and won't relax if anybody is doing anything interesting. She does not need as much exercise and in fact Jack will still be going strong when Maddie is getting sore and tired.

My last dog was not a corgi so I don't have an answer to your specific question but I have some ideas that might help you cope.

Rigorous exercise, puzzle toys, and dog sports all helped me keep my young adolescent dog from driving me crazy in the evenings. If I didn't give him something to do, he would give ME something to do... and it was usually something bad.

Not sure if you're already working on something like this but you could perhaps look into specifically training Ein to settle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wesm2OpE_2c

I knew some owners of high octane dogs like Aussies and BCs that would do training like this to get some peace of mind for the time they aren't out in the agility fields or what have you.

And I think you already know this but definitely train him to keep his teeth off you as soon as you can. The sooner the better. That can escalate so quickly when they realize they can use it to manipulate you.

Franklin is 4 and still requires 2 walks a day and indoor play to keep him happy. I do think I could get away with just playing indoors but I know that wouldn't begin to satisfy his exercise requirements and I don't want to risk him getting bored and then destructive lol. I think it was around 2 years old that he became more of a cuddler. As a younger pup he would never stop, he was constantly on the move looking for stuff to do. Now he will settle when at home or visiting friends but he is still very much a play hard sleep hard type of dog. I can take him out on a 5 mile hike where he is off leash running and playing and then drive the 2 hours back home with him sleeping and as soon as we are home he's ready to go again! Like Beth said, he seems to have learned self control though and is content if I just give him a rawhide or something to chew on if I'm not in the mood to run and play AGAIN.

Bear is just beginning to settle down and he's four.  He's becoming more willing to hang in your lap for a scratch or have a frap and then crash.

A tired dog is a happy dog!

Well, Abbey will be 6 months old on the 28th of April, and she is wide open from sun up to sun down!  She never runs out of energy.  We try to walk her often and play fetch, chase and such.  I have to take up all of her toys to be able to calm her down a bit.....then she hits the clothes basket and starts dragging out all the dirty clothes. I find them under our bed and behind the couch.  Life sure would be dull without or corgis! 


Mine are 5 year old male and 6 year old female. The 6 year old is still crazy, the five year old is half and half.


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