Please no judgement, I am absolutely disgusted with myself that I let tegan get so out of shape. I know it's really bad on dogs heart, joints, kidneys... And everything else...
Anyway... Tegan went to the vet yesterday for a dog park fight... Had a bite that looked infected so he's on meds. He hasn't been to the vet for over a year, cause I moved and hadn't found a good vet.
They weighed him and my eyes just about fell out of their socketts!!!! 38.5 lbs!!!! He should be 28 TOPS!
I feed him a HALF cup of artemis maximal dog... All I can think is that he's not getting enough exercise. I recently adopted a great Dane who needs two hours a day of walks/park time.. So I am hoping him tagging along with us for that will help.
He's VERY mean to her, which I think is cause he's probably feeling badly cause he's obese!

Ugh.. Any tips? How much exercise do you all give your corgis? How much food? I feel like he shouldn't be this out of shape!

:( I fail as a mommy....

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I'd be getting some blood tests done to make sure his hormones and things are all in balance. It is very odd that half a cup of dry is all he is fed but you think he's obese. Are you sure he's not getting treats from somewhere/someone?

As others have said, it would be good if we could see some pictures. It is possible he is just a larger corgi and thus weighs more. You should remember that you don't judge a dogs (or a humans) condition on how much they weigh. It's all about look and feel (ie, can you feel the last few ribs easily without applying much pressure, does he have a define waist etc).

There is no problem with feeding a dog once a day, twice a day or ten times a day. You will not be starving your dog if you feed once a day. Dogs always look hungry and want food because it's their survival instinct to always be ready to eat. After all, they were once scavengers so needed anything they could get their paws on. If you want to make sure your dog isn't hungry but don't want to feed too many calories then you can feed mashed/grated pumpkin, sweet potato or carrot as a filler.

That said, to help an overweight dog lose weight it is beneficial to break up their meal into smaller more regular meals to get their metabolism going.

If Tegan is overweight it would not be a good idea to all of a sudden make him go on a 2 hour walk with your dane. If he's unfit and obese this would put a lot of strain on his body and heart. A good tip for getting dogs to lose weight is to give them shorter walks more often. So if you want to exercise Tegan for 2 hours a day, take him on 4x 30minute walks instead. This will keep his body burning fat throughout the day and also build stamina.
half a cup twice a day. don't feed crap dog food. no kibble. just organic. good food. exercise twice a day. long walks with some mild run and chase. be careful about those joints and running surface. grass. no concrete. 38.5 is serious. Joey got up to 36 and is down to 32 but we play with him on soft sand at the beach and watch getting him too out of breath. don't force them to workout. and watch getting them too out of breath. make sure there's plenty of water after every workout. the dried dog food is garbage. it's all empty carbs. we feed Joey raw, organic patties. Stella and Chewey. it's way better nutrition and they actually lose weight because you feed them less. good luck.
YOUR NOT A BAD mommy. We have tons of dogs coming in to the vet the get the food they should and are still over weight i sound like you need to get some blood test done to make sure his thyroid is working like its suppose to its just a lil poke to get some blood and they will let you know. trust me do that before you start pulling your hair and doing all kinds of things.
The average corgi weight is just a point of reference really. It depends on the dog's length and height. My Tobi is 34lbs and he's just all muscle. It's all about being proportional. He could probably stand to loose a few pounds but don't overdo it. The best way to judge is to have him stand normally on a hard surface and run your fingers from shoulder blades to the end of his ribcage. Don't press hard but see if you can easily feel his ribs... in a healthy dog you should be able to feel his ribs easily but not have the ribs be visible.

On another note, your dog food is a really good brand but depending on how active Tegan is, it might be too high in protein for him; which might be why he's gaining weight. I think taking him out more often is a great idea. If he's a couch potato, then you should decrease the amount of the Artemis that you give him. I know corgis are always hungry so you might also try adding sweet potato, peas, quinoa or the likes along with his meal. It'll make him feel as if he's feasting and he'll stay full longer; not to mention the added vitamins that will boost his metabolism along with other great perks (like shedding less- yes, it's possible lol). The rule of thumb really is to NEVER feed your dog how much the feeding guidelines tell you to.. it's always too much. A dog should have 2-4 percent of their weight in food...I would also suggest feeding him at least twice a day... perhaps once in the morning and once again several hours before you go to bed for the night (or else he'll just sleep and store the food instead of burning it off) If you have questions feel free to send me a message, doggie nutrition is what I do. I treat Tobi holistically at home and he's on a raw diet... no shedding or health problems at all. He's never had to go to the vet except for a broken toenail that needed to be removed.
Several people also feed green beans to make up for the smaller amount of food. I would have his thyroid checked also! Good luck...can't wait to hear more BUT also remember weight loss should be slow. I am making an assumption here but people who go on crash diets end storing fat due to the sudden food is much better to slowly do this! I do know about people with this as I have helped 5 people lose over 100#!
I agree with others. Some corgis are just big boned. Roxi is 43lbs and Sherman our corgi friend is 47!!!! but.. they're big for corgi sized.

Roxi is heavy because she's mostly muscle mass and Sherman is big because he's.. well.. a monster. His breeder can't believe him when she sees him lol.

But... what you should really be doing is not exactly weight but eyeing that puppy up. Can you see his waist? Can you see his ribs? can you feel his ribs if you softly pet his side? There should be a slight in curve if your looking at your corgi from above at the back haunches and belly. They shouldn't be tube dogs or barrel dogs where you can really tell the shape of the body.

roxi and charlie get 3 meals a day. all 1/2 cups each time except roxi in the middle of the day get two scoops since she exercises more and her metabolism is nuts.
Hey guys!! Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I am a dog sitter and I have been booked solid for DAYS... Today is my day off, so I got a chance to reply.

I'm sure he gets lots of scraps on the side of the 1/2 cup meal... plus, my room mate sometimes feeds him, and so there are days he may get double fed, or fed the wrong amount. She tries to help but it gets confusing! haha Added to that he does get scraps from the table, which I know is like feeding a dog a cake with every bite- human food is very fattening for animals. My two room mates, my boyfriend, everyone who comes to visit, all fall for those puppy eyes he gives you when you're eating.... So, I am sure his 1/2 cup a day isn't truly all he's eating.

I have lowered his diet to 1/4 cup + carrots and green beans twice a day to see if it helps. I feed my dane (who spills her food on the floor so he does crumb cruise around her bowl when she is done, too) twice a day, so i'm starting this regimen with Tegan, too.

I have attached photos. His shaved spot is from a dog park injury :( He's on antibiotics cause some CRAZY bull terrier attacked him... ugh. Sorry they aren't the best... he wouldn't stand still... we were cooking and he wanted scraps lol

You can't feel his ribs even when you dig... and he's got rolls lol, he's definitely over weight, I know for a fact... I just need to know what to do about it. If increased exercise and the new diet don't help I'll get blood tests done when he's done with his antibiotics and goes for a check up :)
Awww, he's a bit chunky but I've seen much worse! It sorta sneaks up on you. I'd do what you're planning on doing and just try to be diligent about watching those extra calories from the side! Poor guy, I hope he has a quick recovery from his dog park injury.
Oh, and I meant the dane is walked 2 hours a day TOTAL. I don't walk her 2 hours at once, or even one hour at once (unless she is being bonkers..) we do a max of 40 mins per walk, cause she is older and I don't want to stress her joints. So he isn't going from no activity to hour walks! :) I understand thats dangerous on his body. I myself have a lot of health problems (including a kidney transplant) so I understand how the heart is effected by fat/dehydration/overexertion cause I myself can't do much without long rests. :)

Is it possible that his crappy attitude toward the dane has to do with him being over weight? They have only lived together a couple weeks, but he is constantly grumpy with her. She is very understanding and even tempered, so they haven't fought, and I only let them hang together when I can watch... but he is a little crabby patty!! :(
I feed green beans at dinner to add more food without so many calories. Mine get 2/3 cup a day of a good kibble but if they start looking chubby I will cut back for a couple weeks. He doesn't look that out of shape to me but maybe could lose a pound or two. Just cut back on kibble a little add green beans and give smaller treats for a while. We added my son's doberman last year and my Sparty did not care for her. At first I leashed him so I could easily grab him if he went after her. Now I just say no if I see the stare that means he is getting annoyed. Fortunately the dobe does not seem to get upset. Sparty tolerates her quite well but I don't think they will ever be friends. Sometimes that is the best you can hope for. I think she stepped on him a few times and that is why he doesn't like her. My other corgi, Izzy, like the dobe a lot. Hopefully your guy will get used to the Dane too.
Is he always snapping and showing mean teeth and grumping at her when she comes near? That is completely normal and just him telling her to be calm and quiet. Don't separate them or even correct him; she will eventually get the message and adjust her energy to his and then he'll want to play with her. Separating them is what builds grudges.

Your weight loss plan sounds good.
Yeah, that's exactly what has been happening. He bares his teeth at her whenever she comes near him in too high of energy, and yelps and barks at her a lot... she growls back at him, and sometimes they get in barking wars, but nothing too crazy.

He is truly the most mellow dog ever, and she is a shelter dog who has separation anxiety and needs everyone to dote on her 24/7 (which we don't... I know that's not healthy. We usually play with her and then put her in the kitchen with a baby gate where she can see us but understands we can all be on our own and be okay... buuut enough about the dane. Thanks, Joanna, for confirming they'll work it out... as long as they tolerate each other is fine, I just don't want fights and stuff.

And good, I am hoping his weight loss will go well... i'll keep you updated. I want to see him at 30lbs... he was looking good at 30 a year or so ago.


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