My 5 month old corgi, Annie, ALWAYS- & I mean ALWAYS (NEVER FAILS) to go to the wet kitty food and the dry kitty food, even after I have fed her her food. Any suggestions as to how to get her to stop?! It's SOO ANNOYING!- on top of the fact that I think the wet kitty food she eats gives her gas haha.

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I have to feed my cats on the sink in my extra bathroom or they'd never get to eat!
Put the cat food on a table, window sill, cat tree etc. That is really the only option way to realiably keep the food away. It is important that you do this as cat food is not all that great for your dogs to have.
my kitty's food is also up on a table so the dogs can't eat it
yes...set aside a small table or section of the counter. Even my very elderly cat can make his way up there to eat. Corgis are crafty and sneaky and love to eat what they shouldn't. Cat food is way too high in protein and fat for dogs and can harm them, so it's best just to get the kitty food out of her reach :)
My cat was elderly and couldn't jump on things any more. I kept her food in my bedroom and put up a baby gate in the hallway and left it there permanently. The gate had a small door in it that the cat could fit through and the Corgis really couldn't. I honestly think if they tried they could have squeezed through, but they respect gates (having been crate and pen trained) and never even tried.

Cat food has a MUCH higher protein content than dog food and also lots of calories, so it's not good for the dog in the long run, though in the short run it should not bother her. You don't want puppies to have that really high protein content or they can grow too fast.
Cat food is not good for her. I have my laundry room doorway blocked off. The food and litter is in there and no dogs are allowed. I used to have a board across the bottom but little Izzy jumped it right away so now I have a child gate. For 8 years the board kept Sparty, Buffy, and the doberman out but Izzy changed all that.
To a Corgi, food is FOOD. Who cares what the label says?!? My First Corgi also recycle the cats you know what... kitty crunchies. My sister, who has two pugs, recently called and said "There's a line at the cat box and no cats are in the line!!" LOL! I fed my cats on a special table. My sister feeds her cats on a counter. Good luck!
Yes it seems corgis are good at recycling also!
I have seen Jack, if loose, run a dead straight line, full speed a good fifty yards stright to buried cat poop out in the woods! The nose knows.

I should get him into tracking. He'd be a natural, if the "prize" at the end was cat poop!
we have to feed the cat out of Corie's range ... usually on the hutch. The cat can jump up, but Corie can't.... good luck!
We keep our cats food and litter box in a completely different room or else Missy gets into to both. The door has a cat door on it, but we sometimes leave it open and just put up a baby gate at an angle leaving enough space for the cats to get through.
Kitty food goes at the end of the counter....


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