Hey guys!! I know it's be a while since I've been on here. Between my job, planning a wedding, and taking care of everything else, I'm surprised my head is still screwed on (lol).

Ok, we're having a major problem with Piper and I could really use some advice. When we first got her, she was quiet. Nice and quiet. Now, at just over 8 months, she's barking at everything! If we're in the apartment, she'll bark a a noise she hears outside. Or, if she can see through the patio door, she'll bark at another person, dog, bike, etc. Outside is even worse. Whenever she sees another dog, she'll start barking and pull at the leash. She doesn't pull to get to the other dog, she's usually pulling to get away. I don't think she is trying to be an aggressor, just an unsure dog? 

The difficult part about this is she will not listen at all when she's in the "barking zone." We've tried the quiet command for a couple months, and I don't think it's working. Maybe we're not doing it the right way. Lately, when she starts barking we get annoyed and then chase her down in the apartment, basically cornering her until she lays down. I think the stress of everything going on right now is making us a tad edgy. I hate cornering her because I'm worried she'll become defensive and possibly lash out. The only other thing I've been thinking of getting is one of those bark collars or a sensor to keep in the living room that's supposed to stop barking with a high pitch (something like that).

Any insight would be great! I feel like I'm loosing my marbles with her!

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not sure if you have but u can try shaking a can of coins or using a spray bottle. I find switching between the two helps especially if Juno hasn't seen one of them for a while then it's like "oh my gosh!" and he'll stop barking. If calling the name doesn't work to distract, I usually try making diff. noises like tapping on things etc. & also may try blocking the view of w/e he's looking at when on a walk or walk the other way. Inside the home, you'll have to keep up with that quiet command. once he stares at you or stops then quickly reward & do a higher value reward...maybe that'll help. Find something that triggers a not so intense bark for him and start there. For Juno, he'll bark at youtube videos sometimes so I'll use that before I start using the command on times when he's actually barking at something he hears from outside etc.


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