Hi everyone!

So little Chiba is about 15 weeks now and she still doesn't really shed.  Corgis are well known for their massive amounts of shedding, so I was wondering if anyone would like to share around what age their corgi started shedding.  I have a Pembroke if that matters (I have no knowledge on Cardigans).  I'm about to get a Dyson vacuum as a present to myself for my birthday haha, so I'm not quite sure which one to get.


-Bella and Chiba

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She probably won't do a ton of shedding until she has a full adult coat, maybe around a year or so.

It will vary because for neutered pets it's usually their first big spring shed AFTER they get their adult coat. So for you, that would probably not be til next spring. Intact females tend to shed according to their heat cycles and/or pregnancies.
How do they shed according to heat cycles? My Sasha is intact and just went through heat, I'm anticipating her to blow her coat any day now
It's due to hormone changes. They shed after a heat cycle, and several weeks after giving birth.
Maybe it's because she's a mix but its been a week or two since her heat ended and I haven't noticed a pick up in shedding. I've been having nightmares about it and all the waiting is starting to get to me lol

Just remember these non shedding days with fondness.  You will be under piles of hair soon enough! 

Selkie is turning 8 months old this month and the shedding  . . . has  . . . begun!  My once brick red area rug is cream in as little as 12 hours after vacuuming!  I'm also thinking of changing my wardrobe and wearing only brown/red tones;)  I'm thinking of buying stock in lint/dog hair rollers:)  Just wait for it and good luck!

Hehehe.....will your life change.  Get the Animal for sure.  The new one with the brushes rather than the roller beater bar.  It's not suppose to get the fur tangled all around it.  Don't get me wrong I love mine...it's several years old...but when they are blowing their coats I have to clean the beater bar every time.

I also have an old Fuller Brush carpet sweeper and I love that thing.  I use it every day...sometimes more than once a day when they are blowing their coats...really helps from having to drag the vacuum out on a daily basis

wow i wish lol

For Roxie age 7 months the shedding started about 4-6 weeks ago. This sounds early? She was spayed at exactly 4 months. Oh I have never seen so much fur. We have three indoor cats and she sheds more than them all together.

My Rorey is about 7months now and she sheds moderately for a corgi. I only started noticing minimal shedding at arounf 5 months.


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