Hey everyone I'm george!! I have be driving my mommy and daddy crazy with all my shedding going on! I have been shedding now for about 3 weeks when is it going to stop??!! and everyone be my friend!

Love always george! :)

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george, if you want me to be your friend you better just push your way in front of anybody else that may take any of my attention away from you and get in my face and make sure I can't see anyone else over your cute little head and stick your tongue out to smear up my glasses and wiggle your little body and push your rear end in the way of any other dog that may try to get too get close to me. got it? luv ya!
George tell your parents...hardwood floors, leather furniture, a good vacuum cleaner, furminator dog brush and most of all
"you are worth it". Us guys have to stick together, we are your friends!!!
George....Our mom and dad use a furminator on us and has said that they don't know what they would have done without it. We don't understand why humans do not understand that we have to leave our mojo everywhere so EVERYBODY knows that it is our home. Mom vacuums constantly, we sometimes like to play chase with with the vacuum cleaner to annoy her. It really annoys her when we bite the vacuum. Mom got us a leather sofa because she got tired of vacuuming the sofa and washing thows constantly. But everyone knows how awesome we are and SSSSOOOO worth the effort! If you look real sad eyed at your mom and dad they generally will forgive you anything!^,,^

PS they insist on bathing us about once a month....they say that it loosens the hair while we are blowing our coats! YUCK.....
So THAT's why they bought all new leather furniture. It's not nearly as smelly as the old stuff.
The shedding slows but rarely stops. A really good comb out, bath and another comb out helps but sometimes during the year you just have to learn to love it. My daughter who has huskys says a professional groom once in a while helps.


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