So Corky is my first Corgi and he sheds unlike any dog I have ever had!!! I saw a product called Mrs. Allens Shed Stop. It had 6 rave reviews on it from Petco, has anyone tried it and what did you think? Corgi owners know corgi shedding issues!! 

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I'm pretty skeptical of any kind of supplementation having an effect on shedding. What I can speak for is the furminator. Make sure to track it down on Amazon or somewhere else online since it's far cheaper than in the stores, but the amount of fur you can pull out of your pup is shocking.

Absolutely an outside activity though. :)
Thanks yes we too have the furminator and we furminate a lot!!! I also just bought this hand held pet vac know i feel like i need a holster to keep it in since i use it so much!!!
I use Shed Stop by Farnams. It was recommended to me by a Vet that owns Corgis and it really does work. I have 2 Corgis and it keeps the shedding down to a minimum. It also makes the coat and skin healthy. The ingredients are listed on the website I think so you can see whats in it before you try it. I've never tried Mrs Allen's Shed Stop so I cant help ya there.
Good luck!
Good to know thanks i am going to give this stuff a try!
I love my furminator too -- but seeing this chat thread, I poked around online to look at these "shed stoppers" and see what the contents are. Do my eyes deceive me (and they are pretty bad) -- or is that in fact a Corgi on the bottle of Farnams?? LOL -- talk about celebrity endorsements!
Yes! I thought the same thing, who needs shed stoppers? Corgi's!!!! I saw that familiar little red and white face too!
Maybe someone knows someone who needs corgi fur for making yarn we could supply them forever! It does amaze me how much fur comes off of him when we furminate, we have become the nation of furmination!! :)
There is a lady that makes knick knacks out of cat fur, I am sure if we shipped her all of the fur from our pups/dogs, she would have a heart attack
yup, we have a support group here :)
I may start a cottage industry making dog-fur sweaters. It's a soft as cashmere!

Some people report some dogs shed more if corn is a major ingredient in dog food. Other people report that a higher fat content in food can reduce shedding somewhat. But that is day-to-day shedding, and when blowing coat, a healthy Corgi should shed in copious amounts. A healthy dog with the right genetics will have a huge undercoat and will blow it all once or sometimes twice a year, no matter what you give them.
You go girl, then when we wear are corgi fur we will be "in style" rather than look like we all need the sticky roller!


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