First I know this topic has been brought up a fair number of times I am sure, but here goes nothing. For some reason in mid winter Peiko is shedding like a factory. I was given a furminator and have used it a couple times before, but I read all these nasty things about it damaging his coat. (Some of those things I read on this website.) So I am kind of afraid to use the furminator on him now. So I would like to hear some alternative ways to work on his shedding. My wife and I bought this $2 brush when we first got him, and it worked alright when he was a puppy, but it just doesn't seem to do much about getting his loose hair. It does get some but a vast majority of his hair is still sitting on the top of his coat. 

So I wanted to hear somethings my fellow dog owners might know about helping reduce his shedding, I would love to vacuum him with a hose, though I heard there are hose attachments for dog use. That would be a last ditch effort because I would have to work with him to get over his discomfort with vacuum present. I am looking for the most cost effective way of dealing with the shedding, while I do have a furminator it just doesn't seem like a good way to deal with his shedding problem as a whole. 

Since I am sure there have been multiple discussions about this very thing, posting a link for the sake of not repeating the same topic over and over again, is perfectly fine by me.

Thank you all for your help.

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The best advice I can offer is to get a good brush/comb that's meant for double-coated breeds and brush him every day.  Vacuum 2+ times per day to keep those fur-tumbleweeds in check.  If the shedding has started suddenly, then he is most likely just blowing his coat and it will stop eventually.  My eskimo dog, Yuki, has been shedding his coat for just about two weeks already, so it's not unusual for a double-coated dog to shed in the middle of winter.

If the shedding seems to be for a reason other than a seasonal shed, then you can try adding fish oil to his diet to see if that helps at all.  There are lots of topics already posted, as you noted, and I'm sure there's more specific advice there regarding the usage of 

My daughter (has huskys) says Petsmarts grooming that addresses this problem really works great. I havn't tried that but a bath and combing while blowing them dry helps. I am sure that is probably what Petsmart does.

I looked through a number of mentions of the Furminator and didn't see any detrimental feedback. I think it works GREAT!

be can cut their fur if used the wrong way.  I used it a couple of times on Lance when he was a puppy and could hair the fur being pulled/cut??!!  I stopped using it after that.  If used properly it is probably ok, but I wouldn't use it on a regular basis. 

I think the furminator is okay to use every week/2 weeks or so, but it's not something I'd use for every day brushing. Honestly there is not a lot you can do to reduce the amount of fur besides brushing and vacuuming. Some people say fish oil can help reduce the shedding but I haven't tried it myself.

Furminators are bad for their fur? News to me. I've been using one since I got Ein, and her coat doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects as a result. I hope I haven't be unknowingly damaging her fur all this time...

No you haven't been.   Some people online claim it cuts because it has a "cutting blade."  It does not.  It has a blade similar to the comb mechanism on electric clippers.  HOWEVER it is not the comb that cuts the hair; it is the cutting blade that the comb feeds the hair into that cuts the hair.  And since the furminator lacks the cutting blade, it does not cut the hair.  

Furminator is great, just don't use it every day.   In between you can use a short slicker brush.  A fine comb also works well but doesn't do as good a job at getting dander.

I alternate brushes because I think any brush used vigorously every day will start to irritate the skin.  When they are blowing coat I use the furminator every second or third day, and use the comb in between.  The slicker is great for their pants and ruff.  

When they are not blowing coat, I comb or brush them once a week and don't use the furminator .

The furminator has no cutting mechanism and does not cut hair.  However the very fine teeth means it might pull out a tiny bit of coat that wasn't completely loose yet.  And it can irritate their skin which is why I don't use it every day.

I love the furminator. I use it every day when they are blowing their coats and once a week or 2 when not. I many times use a rubber mitt with 2 different sides when the shedding isn't bad.

I'm all for the furminator. Has had no ill effects on his coat yet.

I hear those attachments to the vacuums work well; too bad Charlie hates the vacuum otherwise i might try one. :p

Our bi-annual "puffing" season (aka coat blowing) is just starting and we use the furminator at least once a week with combing (and plucking) inbetween on both Katie and helper who comes and works with me around the farm suggested it as her vets grooming service uses it...she is always gentle with them (I do the holding) and their coats look just a matter of fact, I don't know what we would do without it!  We even used it on our yellow lab during puffing season and he shedded a lot more than two corgis!  In the meantime, enjoy the (fur) puppies Peiko is sharing with you:)

Like many who have posted before me, we also use the Furminator. It is designed specifically for double coated breeds (such as corgis) so you should have good success with it. I also have the vacuum attachement for my Dyson, our girl Boo does not like the vacuum but with plenty of treats and patience she has come to accept that it is part of her grooming.

Hope that helps!  


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