Hello all. I have had my sweet Dewey from 7 weeks old to almost 5 years old  (his birthday is in November).  Anyway, I have found a solution to the constant shedding problem that comes with owning a Corgi and have decided to share it with you. I've tried this and instead of having to vac/sweep every other day to only having to do it once every 2 weeks.  If your Corgi has allergies, this well help as well, as Dewey has bad allergies and this helps him. By using all of this, my Dewey is just as soft as he was, when his was a very little puppy.


Start with giving your Corgi Nutro Natural Choice or Ultra dog food any flavor, as it is guaranteed to improve dog's skin and coat. However, it may take a couple of bags to notice the change in your dog's skin and coat. Dewey is on Natural Choice Grain Free Turkey and Potato, because he is allergic to grains. You can read more about Nutro's dog food by going to www.nutro.com .  This dog food can be found at Petsmart, Petco, some feed stores, and other pet specialty stores.


Use the Furminator de shedding tool for dogs with long hair once every 1-2 weeks. You can read more about it at www.furminator.com . This tool cuts the undercoat and helps cut down on the shedding. Yes, it may cost a lot up front, but I still have mine and it has been five years and counting.


Next, I use a tablespoon or two of plain yogurt as well as a tablespoon or two of  Nutro Grain Free Turkey and Potato or Lamb and Potato canned food twice a day to hide a Fish Oil 1200mg human grade odorless softgel pill (twice daily), 1 teaspoon of organic whole flaxseed (once daily), and Flea Treats. These Flea Treats help skin and coat, plus help to repel fleas & ticks. You can check them out at www.fleatreats.com .


Lastly, I give Dewey a bath once a week as our vet has recommended (you can see if you can wash your Corgi once every two weeks, if you want to). I use Sogeval Shared Solutions Pramosoothe Shampoo + PS with Colloidal Oatmeal, which is available at vets only. Here is the link to read more about it http://www.sogevalus.com/asp/product.asp?ID=100028 .


If you decide to try what I do to help Dewey's shedding with your Corgi, please let me know.  I'd like to know if it helped your Corgi as well.

















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I think out of all of that the most important combo is the fish oil/flaxseed. I have the world's least shedding corgi, never have a shedding or hair problem. The only thing I do the same as those mentioned above are feed a food with omega 3s (different brand though) and give fish oil capsules. Occassionally I will also give ground flaxseed but since I'm giving the fishoil anyway I usually skip the flax. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in the softness and shininess of Franklin's coat since using the Fish oil. Corgis, in general, aren't supposed to be bathed often at all. Once a week is quite excessive and doesn't allow for the oils on their skin to redistribute. My bet is you will see even less shedding if you decrease bathing. Franklin is bathed once every.....never.....Honestly though, his last bath was I believe in February.

As an aside the fishoil is a great anti-inflammatory and works great on neurological health as well as heart health so even if you have a corgi who doesn't shed much already, its good for most major body systems so can't hurt to give! :-)

Thanks for the tips!  I did want to comment that I see you live in Corpus Christi.  Wikipedia states that Corpus Christi has a "humid, subtropical climate" which means many dogs do not develop much undercoat due to lack of exposure to cold weather and a less dramatic shortening of days.

My Corgis get and need a seasonally very dense undercoat, which MUST come out in the summer for their comfort, and also due to the biology of dogs which dictates blowing of all that coat.  In addition, top coat dies on a set cycle (not every year, not all at once) and dead top coat must also come out.

No amount of supplementing or furminating or bathing will keep a Corgi who is blowing coat from leaving ridiculous amounts of hair all over the place for the month or so that they are shedding.  If they did not shed, there would be a serious problem and a vet check would be in order.  

Please understand I'm not giving you a hard time, and I believe you when you say what you are doing works in your climate.  But in a climate with colder winters, Corgis will and should shed a crazy amount when they blow coat seasonally.  

Another reason I need to move out of Iowa :)


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