After an overnight stay at Metropolitan Animal Hospital Baron had a set of x-rays of both front legs.  The final diagnosis is a premature closure of the distal ulnar growth plate resulting in elbow dysplasia.  We have 2 options.  1)  medical management with medicam for pain and cosequin for arthritis.  2) surgery to perform an ulnar osteotomy to free the bone and allow it to line up with the distal humerus.  Surgery would give Baron a 70-80% chance of improvement. Right now Baron has moderate discomfort and occasional lameness.  My main concern beside the risks of major surgery is that Baron will have to have complete crate rest for 6 weeks, with only potty breaks.  Has anyone had this surgery done on their corgi?


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We are fencing in part of the back yard and my husband is making a ramp so he can go from the house to his play area. Baron is 8 months old now. Thanks for the advise Joanna. We decided to go back to the vet in 6 months for a whole new set of x-rays and are hoping that you are right and Baron will not need surgery.


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