We've owned Corgi's for what seems like forever and one of the first things we were told was not to leave the collar on the dog when they are not leaded.  The reasoning was that because of their short legs they ran the risk of getting tangled and stuck on stuff with the possibility of death.


We have collars and tags but we only use them when camping or travelling.  Other than that we use the harness, no tags, when we walk them. 


The reason I ask this question is because I see photos on this site with unleaded Corgis wearing collars with tags.




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We have always kept a collar on our corgis.  We have never had any problems. Living in the city it is kind of a requirement.
It depends who you ask, I've known people's dog collar got caught on other dog's collar, fence... other weird things, so some owners have decided to use a breakaway collar. Ours have worn them all their lives.
I don't know - for Winston, we don't keep him collared unless we are heading outside. It isn't for safety so much as I'm worried making him wear a collar all the time will make a weird indentation in his fur. I might be crazy though...
I use a choke chain on Franklin. They fit so loosely that it doesn't do any damage to their coat. It also looks sleeker than a regular collar. We have done this with several dogs in the past and have never had issues with it getting tangled or anything like that.

Mine only wear their martingale collars when we're going for walks or other outings, but I don't think corgis would really be at any higher risk of getting tangled in things than a regular height dog. I just worry about them getting their tags stuck in heating vents or their jaws stuck in each other's collars while playing.


Ours are not collared unless going outside. (But, they're chipped and trained not to go out the door without a leash.)  Our breeders (both) requested no collars indoors because -  I guess - there have been strangulation incidents.  Our two boys also play rough (biting each other's scruffs), adding an extra level of danger.

All our cats wear break-away collars at all times, though.  Too bad dogs can't wear those. 


I never thought about it being any more dangerous than any other dog. I don't leave them on because I don't like the rattle of the tags all the time. (I guess I prefer the barking  Lol)
ha, Bev, we think alike. Bertie and Ethel's collars with tags are attached to their leashes all the time.  I pop the collars on when we go out and pop 'em off once we're in -- because if I hate the constant jingle of the tags, I can only wonder what it sounds like to their big ears.  They are resoundingly microchipped (with photos, vet info, my info, and every other blasted item I could think of) -- but on a rare occasion when they slipped out without me (happened once), they were both so freaked to be alone I found them huddled by the back door, wondering where I was and how to get through the wall separating them from their beloved cookie jar.

The rattle drives me nuts too! Ours have the vet tag, the 'Home Again' tag, a name tag AND...because we own a motel, we also put a key chain with the motels address & phone on it. Our two original boys-Winston & Snoopy, are widely known in the community. The few times they've escaped the yard they've make a beeline to the motel down the public walking trail. They're frequently walked home so they know the way. Snoopy has figured out that there is a salon 'on the way'....and is usually found there, getting treats & luv'n from the stylists.


I highly recommend these tags: http://www.boomerangtags.com/page.php?c=collartags&k=h  No sound what-so-ever and they are super high quality.  You just never know when your corgi could get loose and  whoever finds him/her will have an easier time finding you when your name and phone number are attached to their collar :)
Mine wear their break away collars 24/7. I feel safer this way as we live in the country. Since I have many corgis I do have to say that we have never had any problems inside or out with them playing BUT one time Bella(my wonderer) was gone and about 3 hours later we found her in our yard which is 8 acres sitting caught on a piece of wire fencing but perfectly fine...so yes...it can happen but I still feel safer.
We actually have two collars for the girls.  At home they were the "quiet collar".  Its a cute collar to which my hubby attached their radio fence receiver.  It also has a identification plate.  Away, we wear a collar with i.d. and rabies tags.  Its a good solution for us.  I was a little tired of hearing them jingle all night long.  I like a dog to have a collar on all the times.  When we watch our neighbor's "naked" dogs, we have no where to hold if we are trying to catch them!


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