We've owned Corgi's for what seems like forever and one of the first things we were told was not to leave the collar on the dog when they are not leaded.  The reasoning was that because of their short legs they ran the risk of getting tangled and stuck on stuff with the possibility of death.


We have collars and tags but we only use them when camping or travelling.  Other than that we use the harness, no tags, when we walk them. 


The reason I ask this question is because I see photos on this site with unleaded Corgis wearing collars with tags.




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Our four are microchipped & wear break-aways with tags all the time.  When in 'training' mode--we have custom training collars. We've never had problems.
Ella wears her collar 24/7, it's a break away w/ her rabies and info tags on it.  I will take it off every week or so to check her neck to make sure its not rubbing anywhere.  But she loves her collar and will actually go get it if she wants to go outside.
My 3 wear a breakaway collars all the time and a slip chain collar when we go for walks on leash.  they are microchipped, too, but I like to be able to hear them and the tags help when we're outside and they are out of sight.
Sophie is microchipped.  I used to have a collar on her with her ID tags.  It never seemed to bother her.  But a year ago I started putting a bandana around her neck.  Now she has a whole collection of them and she likes having one put on every morning.  We take them off at night.  We live on an a small island - so for around home and on our beach I never worry about her.  At the office (she comes to work with me) she is always onleash outside.  So I would think it is really matter of where you live and your dogs behavior (like if they run off).  When we go out of town on vacation her collar with ID tags goes back on!
We leave Torri's collar on 24/7.  If I take it off to bathe her, she looks for it until I put it back on.
I usualy leave teddys collar on all day. I would hate the thought of something happening to him and not have visable id on him. He is microchiped bt I do that just in case. At night I take it off him and right before I go to work to be sure he dosnt snag it or something. Never have has a problem with it
Also. Here on the AFB. DC and SC require ur dogs to have their tags. Its against the law if they don't Have them on
mine wear their collars and tags all the time with no problems. We will take them off occasionally in the evenings, or when we let them sleep in the bedroom at night, as mommy gets rashes if the metal from the collars/tags in against her skin to long as she is allergic to many metals. But even if we let them in out into the back yard they must where their collars and they are chipped. I live in the city and corgis' are a loved but rare sight and if they ever got out i am sure even if they where found the odds are high people wouldn't return them. Plus in my city it is required to have you dog wear a collar at all times, even cat are required, even if they are just indoor cats. We are careful about keeping the yard clean of anything they could snag on, same with in the house. When they wrestle they go for each others legs not so much necks, so they are safe in that respect.

To me, the risks of leaving a collar on outweigh the risks of the dog getting lost.  Both mine are chipped.  


I have heard of dogs strangling themselves on a collar.  Plus if they get lost with a collar, they might get stuck on something and not be able to come when you call them.  Your dog might be quite nearby and you might never find it.


Our collars stay attached to the leashes and hang by the door.  It's as easy to snap a collar on as to put the leash on; probably easier.

The only exception when Caius was allowed without a collar is for a bath, and when he wore his cone of shame for neutering. Other than that, it's always on.


I really like our modified Martingales.  They do not wear them indoors.  They slip on/off over the head easily.

You can buy martingale collars that are already made with nylon loops instead of the chain, that's what I use.



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