Frosty unexpectedly had explosive pooping in his crate on Wednesday.  Very unusual for him, he never goes in his kennel.  And then he vomited.  Since then he has had constant diarrhea, but no other usual activity or symptoms.  I was hoping it was just an upset stomach.  He has had constant SUPER stinky gas and I have had to spend the last couple nights on the couch so I could let him out to go potty in the middle of the night.  Then he stopped eating last night.  Luckily my vet is open on Saturday, so that was our first priority when I got up.  After xrays and exam, the vet stated that he doesn't think there is an obstruction (although he then freaks me out by saying "well, I have been know to be wrong about that..." SERIOUSLY??!!).  So we're going with the Frosty-has-food-poisoning theory.  He is now on antibiotic for a week, prednisone for 5 days, and he got a shot to slow down the intestinal movement.  The vet said we should see improvement in the next 24 hours.  Still not seeing any improvement on the SUPER stinky gas though lol!!!  The vet had us switch him to canned food since he won't eat his dog food.  Oh, forgot to mention, he didn't have any problem at all eating treats at the vet lol, so it is just his food he is objecting to.  He is drinking tons of water like he is supposed to.

Does anyone have any recommendations for anything else I could do to help Frosty be more comfortable?

Also, has anyone had a bad experience like this in the past that could point out any signs that might tell me his condition is more serious?  The vet honestly didn't seem at all confident that he had any idea what is wrong with him.

Can anyone recommend any way, any way at all!! to help get rid of the super gross stinky gas?  He is literally chasing us all out of the room with his stinky clouds lol!!


Frosty is doing much much better now.  He was full of energy and naughtiness yesterday and the stinky gas seems to have stopped.  Thanks goodness!!  He is back to bouncing off the walls and playing cat police as usual.  Haven't seen him poo since Saturday, so hopefully that's all over too!

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Awh poor Frosty:(

I have no idea what it would be.. I am sorry:(

I would be really tripped out by what your vet said too lol..

I think you should just watch him to see if what the vet gave to help does kick in within the time, and if it doesn't, go see a different vet for another opinion ASAP, just to be safe, and then go from there!

Feel better Frosty!

Have you had a fecal/giardia test done? When I first got Kirby he was normal in every way except AWFUL diarrhea and stinky gas. We caught the giardia on the 2nd fecal we had run.

Also, would probably be worth putting him on a probiotic to help balance the intestinal flora since he's had diarrhea for so long and switch him to a bland diet until you have firm stool for 2-3 days.

I sure do hope Frosty feels better soon.

When Tomahawk gets diarrhea ( he has it today ) , I don't feed him for the first 24 hrs so his digestive tract can settle down. After the day of fasting, I feed him  half a cup of plain white rice and boiled ground turkey twice a day. He loves it and is more inclined to eat it than his normal food when he gets bubble guts. After about a day or two of the bland food, I slowly get him back to his normal kibble.

As for the vet, I would be peeved if someone told me that.

I'm surprised your vet didn't recommend rice with ground beef or chicken instead of canned dog food. Feeding him this could help with the gas, it usually helps an upset tummy. Giardia IS the stinkiest problem I've encountered, but it is a very distinctive smell, something your vet probably would have recognized, IMO.

Yes, either rice and chicken or beef (boiled) or the prescription canned i/d.  If there was an obstruction there would be a lot of pain and I doubt he would eat anything. It is possible that he ate something really disgusting in your yard and when it passes through his tummy will settle down. If he isn't better within a couple days I would make sure they do blood work at the vet.

Hi Chris! I hope Frosty feels better soon.

Hi Chris,

I would not feed Frosty the same food, get a new bag of dog food, Give the dog food container a food wash, air dry, then poke holes through a zip lock bag filed with bay leaves, it'll prevent bugs inside the container.

Rice / chicken / ground beef for now, some non flavoured yoghurt would be good for the stomach. Get well soon Frosty!

I was just about to suggest getting rid of the bag of food, since it might be that batch that's causing the problem.

I also back the recommendation for a bland diet.  It'll help to calm his stomach and he'll think he's being spoiled at the same time!  My two love boiled hamburger and rice above all else!

We also considered the bag, but its a huge bag and we are almost done with it, so I can't imagine that was the cause.  He probably ate something gross from outside.  I never though about giving him yogurt!  That's a great idea!

A couple years ago, both of my Cardis had terrible problems with diarrhea.  My vet couldn't tell for sure what was wrong, but was able to give them meds to slow down their stomachs.  I swear it was from feeding the dogs chicken jerky, as it was the only new food they were introduced to at the time.  Now I am pretty careful about the brand and/or country origin of any new treats I give them.

Hi Chris, I agree with your Vet and have had this experience a couple of times over the years.  We live on acreage and sometimes the dogs can find some dead critter, particularly after the winter snows thaw and something surfaces that was long gone...  A bacterial infection presents itself just as you describe and antibiotics take care of it fairly quickly, although "fairly quickly" ( a day or two) feels like an eternity under the circumstances.  Hang in there and maybe give him some probiotics suitable for dogs, after the antibiotics are finished.

I would definitely give a tablespoon or two of plain unsweetened yogurt, twice a day, to help with restoring the good bacteria in his gut. 

I was also thinking giardia might be at play.


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