I've owned a Corgi for 2 years--she's my first Corgi--and I still can't get over how goofy she is.  In the best possible way.  So much of the time, she can be regal-looking and poised, but sometimes she's the total opposite, lol.  She keeps me highly-entertained all the time.  My favorite silly things she does:

*lays on her back, stubby paws dangling, immovable no matter what's going on in the room

*tap dances and scoots backward whenever she knows she's about to be fed

*rabbit hop (those back little legs just hop along together when she runs - soooo funny).

*she hides her chew in the corner of her bed, and nudges imaginary "dirt" over it -- video from when she was a puppy

*side tongue wag (whenever she's super excited, that long tongue (<--Corgi trait?) starts dangling out the side of her mouth

*yawn-talks (I'm never fast enough to capture this on video, but this is sort of what she does).

*chases her non-existent tail  (???)

*loves to crunch on leaves

*sniffs a dead worm/beetle/what-have-you on the ground, and promptly thrusts her neck downward to put her entire face on top of said dead thing, then pushes and rolls her body all over it.  Ick!!

Those are only a few.  What goofy things to your Corgis do? 

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When Linus wakes up and stretches he does a yawn, howl, bark and it sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars, so we call him "wookie puppy".

He will mush himself up against me or my husband in the bed even when there is plenty of room for him to be not mushed up against us.

When Lilly catches a ball, she knows she did well and she howls....with the ball still in her mouth!!  She will also try and bark with the ball in her mouth.  If I am petting her and stop...she grunts at me to start again!  She will go out and potty in the morning and before bed just fine, but the after dinner potty,  I actually have to walk outside with her.  She is a bona fide goof ball.  She does have anxiety issues, but i did notice that over the 4th, that while I gave the other dogs traquilizers for the fireworks, Lilly did not need any. 

Ha!  Loving these stories! 

After my two corgis eat their "ice cream", really just a tablespoon of yogurt that I freeze, they do what we call "rug diving". They drop their faces on the rug then push those little adorable faces all over the rug, they rub and rub, sometimes they switch and roll on to their backs and do that little wiggly worm thing.  They can be so regal and proud looking, but they sure can be little goof balls too! I love my little corgis!!!

My corgi has a jumbo tennis ball she chases around and sometimes she's faster than the ball and ends up rolling over the top of it. She is also growing at the ball the entire time. This is get first summer and she work sit and watch lightning bugs at night and let them land on her.

Lulu does ALL these behaviors!!

Oh yes, the roll in whatever smells good in the grass.  The dance routine at dinner time...Max feels that if he barks loud enough I will get his dinner faster.  Chaes the cats out of the kitchen at dinner time because they just might eat his food even tho the dogs get fed first. 

Max ALWAYS has to have the last word...no matter what.  I tell him to stop doing somthing, he will stop but has to make a comment.  I tell him to stop complaining, he makes a comment, this will go on as long as I keep saying something to him.

Katie gets excited and makes these weird little noises...she sounds like a bear cub.

There are dozens of weird things they do that make you laugh or go "what the...." and scratch your head.  There is never a dull moment with a corgi around.

I love the sleeping on her back all spread out without a care in the world. The attentiveness and shear joy in every activities that shows that corgis are always "in the moment"...oh and, who doesn't laugh at the Snow Angels they make all over the yard!


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