Luna loves the bathtub...not taking baths- but running into the bathroom when there isn't any water in the tub and jumping in and batting the shampoo bottles around and grabbing a drink from the faucet if I turn it on for her.  She will even balance herself on the tub ledge if I am in the tub because she doesn't want to fall in when there is water.  I worry about her jumping in and out when it's wet because she sometimes slips and kinda twists her back..I am a worrier.  Does any one have any simple agility course ideas I can set up in my yard that Luna would like? Watching her turn my tub ledge into a balance beam and jumping in and out of the tub makes me want to set something up  for her that would be safer for her back.  Thanks!!

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I would share your concern about jumping into and out of the slippery tub.

For a backyard play area, you could start with a ramp leading to a low platform made from bricks and boards. Or use PVC pipes to make a low jump barrier. Here are some ideas too:

Our Sky (age 6 mo) easily leaps over an 11" barrier made from one leaf of our old dining table propped across a doorway.

I've read (I think) that it's best to wait until they're around a year old to begin serious agility work.

Luna is a little young to be doing much jumping, you want to wait until she is finished growing. The training center I go to has an agility foundations class for puppies. You could look for a similar one after puppy class.

My agility trainer always says to get them to walk over odd things, tarps, kids saucer sleds, etc. I got Becca some nylon tunnels they make for kids. They are the perfect size for a corgi. There are many plans for jumps and other equipment online. I made a wobble board out of 4 inch pvc, a board and zip ties.

If she's still a puppy I would not allow her to do any excessive jumping. You could try looking up an agility foundation class in your area - usually they will do all ground work for puppies but it can still be fun.


We found a wooden paver block type of thing at the home improvement store that we use as a "table". Tomato stakes spaced wide apart can be weave poles. You can buy tunnels made for kids pretty inexpensively.

The BUSA tunnel at Ikea is only $15  :)  You can keep it from rolling around with bean bags or sticking a garden hose through it.

I made a set of jumps and weave poles with PVC from instructions on the web, and used foam pool noodles to make a soft tire to jump through.  Just make sure the jumps are pretty much resting on the ground until she's old enough.

And walking over strange surfaces is a really great idea.  Especially a wobble board, if you can find or make one.  

Thanks for the advice. Luna is almost 8 months old, so there really isn't much I can do to stop her from jumping around. I don't want to put her in agility training, I just am looking for ideas to keep her little self from getting bored :) I will have to look into some of your ideas, thanks! :)

I used to get those triangular shaped mailing tubes from UPS or FED EX for jumps.  I would also take broom handles and chairs with lower rungs and make more short jumps.  I would also create a little "sit/stay pad".  Nan

I actually used an old ladder and put it up about 4 inches so  that Livvy would get the idea to step through each rung. Also took an old tire and made a ring for her to jump through...there might be a pic on my pics of this. I could leave it almost on the ground but she got the idea of "walking/jumping through the hoop without it being to high for her. Also a wobble table out of plywood with a bigger ball(not too big)to make it wobble.

They should not jump or weave or do steep contacts til all growth plates close, which is at a minimum a year, closer to 18 months for some dogs.

While the growth plates are still open, any of these activities can cause fractures which can then cause crooked long bones as one side grows longer than the other.  

So please don't do any jumping.   Tunnels are ok, getting her used to walking over/around/through strange objects is a good idea too.  Ground handling can be great fun and is very valuable for more than just agility;  when Jack had to wear a cone for a week for an eye injury, I was able to direct him around corners and up the hallway and stuff to help him avoid catching it on things, and having a dog that will move around you based on how you turn your body or move your hands is very helpful.


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